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Code of Conduct | Loot/DKP Policy


1. All members will conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring bad reputation to the guild. Such negative behavior includes but is not limited to:
- Kill Stealing
- Rude Comments
- Stealing Items
- Spamming OOC and Shout
- Ninja Looting
- Training Mobs Onto Others
- Using Foul Language in OOC or Shouts

2. Guild members are not allowed to auction in Guild Chat, but free give-away items are allowed.

3. All members are encouraged to assist other members if they are available.

4. All members are encouraged (but not required) to participate in guild events. These events are only successful if we have participation.

5. Give preference to guild members for groups when within your control.

6. Arguing and hostility in guild chat is not allowed. If a conversation is going downhill, then do yourself a favor and take it to tells or keep quiet before an officer has to get involved.

7. #6 also applies to our Message Board. Flaming on the Forums is prohibited and will be moderated.

8. Don't expect to receive help if you don't help others.

9. Our current minimum level is 81, but exceptions may be granted by the Guild Leader. Players under 81 will have trouble getting in quality groups and zones that most TFers are in.

10. Members are encouraged to use /roleplay over /anon if you feel the need to hide your class or zone location. Please don't hide your guild tag, it's something to be proud of.

11. We are NOT a guild of people's alts. We require that your main character wear the Tribal Fury tag. We'd also love to have your alts; there is no limit to the number of alts/mules you may have tagged.

12. If you wish to leave Tribal Fury and apply to another guild, have the courtesy to /guildremove yourself. Having an open application to another guild while wearing a TF tag will only result in an officer removing your tag.

13. The guild leader reserves the right to invite people by special invitation. Used primarily for real life family members.

14. We do not judge anyone by their gear, but having your Magic, Fire and Cold Resists at 250+ unbuffed with resist gear will become critical to your survival, as will having an Enduring Breath item.

15.Tribal Fury strives to beat encounters and acquire gear the way the game was meant to be played. We do not support acquiring gear via hacking, buying gear that was acquired by hacking, or buying toons with hacked gear. Tribal fury reserves the right to dismiss any toon with hacked gear.


DKP / LOOT POLICY (submitted by seranotf at 01:35pm EDT)

Last Edit: 05 DEC 08 - Changed minimum level from 75 to 80
22 FEB 08 - Changed minimum level from 70 to 75.
19 DEC 07 added the update about DKP penalty for Misloots.
26 NOV 07 - added line about DKP being zeroed when characters change hands (Old policy - wasn't posted for some reason).
7 April 07 - added in bullets about Over 20 DKP bidding by alts and boxes vs each other. Also updated zero point bidding. and found more referances to 50 point caps on alts and boxes and changed to 20.
20 Nov 06 - added the 20 DKP caps that got forgotten somehow on last edit.
9/27/06 added right to bid on loot with main if requested to play an alt.
--- Edit sometime recently - updated misbid and ninja looting policy.

Guild DKP/Loot Policy

1) Raid Point System
a) The Tribal Fury Raid Point System has been designed to award players who raid in order to ultimately build overall raid effectiveness while embodying the spirit of Need Before Greed. DKP allows a person to earn a future loot at every raid they attend.
b) Administering the System: Only officers will administer this system. All officers will be required at some point and time to track attendance, assign points, and handle a dispute.

2) Raid Definition
a) An officer must be present for the entire event to serve as Loot Officer and Administer the DKP System. Ideally no officer will be Raid Leader and DKP/loot administrator for the same raid.
b) If no Tribal Fury Officer is present, the event will be considered a pick-up raid and no DKP will be awarded, regardless of scheduled status. It is recommended the raid leader either announces loot rules or appoints a loot rule person if no officer is there to run loot.
c) Raids must be lead by a TF Member. Any member can lead a raid, but raids must be posted in advance and approved by an officer. Any member can lead mobilization (mobo) hits.
d) The DKP/Loot officer will take a regular time stamp during the raid to track attendance for raid posting.
e) The Raid Leader has complete authority over all aspects of the event EXCEPT Loot.

3) Raid Points
a) Raid Points (RP) are awarded for attending raids, quest hits, progression hits and Mobos.
b) All main characters that attend raids, regardless of guild affiliation or app status earn RPs. TF member's Alt characters earn DKP if they either meet the same guild application requirements (level 81 currently) or they are speficially requested by the raid leader in order to ensure raid success.
As of 7/1/07 you have to meet the current app requirements in order to earn DKP on a raid - mains and alts alike - UNLESS you are requested by the raid leader to play a toon that doesn't meet the requirements.
This restriction is in place from 7/1/07. Mains who per this date do not meet the new requirements are "grandfathered in" but ANY new main will have to meet the above mentioned requirements in order to be elidgable for DKP on raids."
c) RP's are tracked with the DKP System. The link to the DKP system is on the TF main page. Ultimately all members are responsible for keeping track of their own point totals.
d) Most guild raids will earn players a raid point an hour. The first Raid point will typically be earned 5 minutes after the posted raid start. Additional raid points will be earned every hour after that until the raid leader calls the raid. Unless the final kill of the night is within 15 minutes of the previous hourly stamp - a final raid point of the night will be awarded at the conclusion of the raid. A person that leaves early or arrives late will usually miss raid points depending on their participation or lack thereof. Arriving late and not being able to catch up until after the next raid point was awarded is unfortunate but the member's responsibility not the DKP staff's. You must be "with" the raid in order to get raid credit - not in the raid tool and afk at zone in, in another zone, etc. As always let an officer know if you missed a raid point due to LD but regular attendance at the event.
e) MOST quest hits will be worth 1 point per hour like a regular raid, or none depending on the presiding officer's role, size/required size of the force, length of hit, set up time, and follow on hits associated with that or another quest hit. Most Quest hits with less than 18 players will not be DKPed. When in doubt if the loot is NOT DKPed you didn't earn any DKP. If some wacky officer sells the loot for DKP you earned points baby.
f) Points are awarded to the character.
i) If you dual box, you only receive points for one (1) character, not both; UNLESS the raid leader specifically asks you to dual box. If you are MAINING someone elses char to get them a flag please tell the DKP officer (usually the one doing auctions) that you are playing X char instead of your main. When the raid is posted the char you played will be published with a subtraction from them and addition to you as an adjustment.
ii) DKP is soul bound. It stays where it is earned. The officers will discuss if there is ever a justification to move it in any circumstances not covered here on a case by case basis.
g) No Character's point total may equal a negative RP balance. Don't bid in the red.
h) Points may not be loaned or borrowed between players or Characters.
i) If you /guildremove a raiding main to apply elsewhere or go solo, points for all your chars are dropped to a ZERO value in concert with those chars being removed from the guild.
j) Points are awarded to the character and DKP is tracked by character. You may bid on items based on what points the character you are currently raiding with has banked. Common sense would apply however, and twinking your obvious alt toon over a main that seriously needs an upgrade wouldn't be much of a benefit to the guild. The points are yours however, to spend on your toons as you best see fit.
k) If a char is asked to raid with one of their alts other than the character they planned on raiding in order to ensure the success of the raid - the player may opt to have their camped character to receive the DKP instead, since they played with a different toon than they preferred. They will need to make sure that the DKP/Loot officer knows to do this.
k1) If a player raids with more than one character regularly - the char with the most earned DKP will by default be considered their main. Unless a player defines X char as their alt and Y Char as their main then, that criteria will be used in designating which is a main. This is important, as ALTS are capped at bidding no more than 20 DKP on any raid loot vs mains.
l) Boxed chars are eligible to bid on loot with DKP earned by that character alone. No Boxed characters may trade points to or from their mains or other characters. For DKP purposes, a Boxed toon is one that is CURRENTLY being boxed by another player at that raid
m) Boxed toons can bid on items against the other raiders by whoever is currently boxing them if the real owner (you or the player you are boxing for) allows for this bidding with a cap of 20 DKP per item vs other alts / boxes.
m1)Boxes and alts must add (alt) or (box) behind their bid.
m2)Alts and Boxes may out bid each other over 20. If this occurs and at any time past 20 - a main wishes to bid - their bid is 21 and defeats any bids above 20 by alts and boxes.
n) Typically anything that isn't bid on by TF members will go FFA or /ran 1k depending on the utility of the item.
o) If A guest decides to Join Tribal fury, he keeps the points he accumulated on prior TF raids.

4) Loot
a) DKP Raids: The Loot Officer has total authority over all Raid Loot as outlined in this policy, and is responsible for administering this policy.
b) Non-DKP Pick-up Raids: if a raid does not meet the requirements to be a DKP raid (see "Raid Definition above"), then the Raid Leader or someone he appoints has total authority over Loot.
c) All guild raid loot is covered under this system.
d) God Loot will only occur if the raid's goals are to accomplish quest completion for designated characters. Sometimes, tempo of raid may require someone to be directed to loot X loot without a bid. This is a RARE occurrence.
e) Quest Loots that drop incidentally during a loot raid are typically DKP'd if it is a contested quest and then usually only the hardest drop (rarest) will be DKP'd. sometimes quest loot will be called /ran 1k or FFA depending on tempo of the raid, if the loot is in a bad spot, etc.
e1) The character with the MOST bits to a quest get subsequent quest drops for free if they have already DKPed one item in that quest line. Officers will not always know this information as we are not savants so if a loot drops and the officers don't seem to know what it is for make a point to bring it up in raid chat or /gu immediately if it appears on the loot table please. Keeping a current journal in the journal forums will help keep this stuff clear and remark any loots in the quest you have had to pay DKP for. The most informed and communicative members will be easier to assist on such loots.
e2) The exception to this is if we have multiple players at the same portion of a quest and they have each bid on an equal number of previous drops. At that time we would have a case where a bid will be called for loot rights.
f) Single/limited-Class usable items: if only one character of that class is at the raid, single/limited-class usable items may be awarded for no points. This is also where the Zero point bid comes from. IF you think you are the only one that would be interested in the item at the raid go ahead and bid zero.
g1) Accidental Looting: Defined: If you loot something that and officer didn't tell you to loot in a channel or in a tell, i.e. Yournamehere loot X, or SOLD Yournamehere or X item is FFA you have accidentally ninja looted.
i) Mistakes happen and for a first time offense you will be docked 10 points or the lowest value that item or its equivalent has ever gone for, whichever total is higher.
ii) A second offense and officers will determine whether deguilding will occur.
iii) If the accidental looting occurs on a person's obvious alt the officers will decide whether your raiding main gets the penalty instead of the toon that did the looting.

g2) Overbidding and then Looting: Defined: If you loot something that an officer tells you to loot before anyone notices that you have overbid vs your POSTED DKP minus your SPENT DKP during current or unposted raids you have overbid and looted.
i) Mistakes happen and for a first time offense you will be docked 10 points or the DIFFERANCE between your bid and the lowest value that item or its equivalent has ever gone for, whichever total is higher. Equivilents will be determined by the DKP officer or officers present if the DKP officer requests assistance.
ii) A second offense and officers will determine whether deguilding will occur.

h) "Junk Items" are typically collected and sold for Guild Funds.
i) No Drop items may be awarded to guests /ran 1k, FFA or other system.
ii) Sometimes the Loot Officer will order someone to loot something that is rotting like it or not, this is a rare occurrence.
iii) droppable items that still hold some value to player base will sometimes be auctioned with DKP - based on loot officers discretion.
i) Item Value is determined auction style with the bidding starting at 0 RP. Bids can only be placed in whole number increments. Highest bid wins.
j) If you show up after a loot producing mob is engaged, you are not allowed to bid on loot from that encounter. If that engagment fails and the raid resets for another try then the restriction on bidding is lifted.

5) Bidding:
a) Bidding is open Bid and usually in /gu, and is run by the Loot/DKP Officer. When the loot is announced for bid, players will offer bids in whole number bids in /gu or alt channel if called - bid based on the number of points available by checking the DKP standings. You may re-bid as many times as you like until you are out of points or the loot officer calls the item going once, twice, sold. As previously noted Designated alts and boxes are capped at 20 DKP vs mains.
i) It is useful to the auctioneer if someone calls "out" it allows a quicker wrap up of a bid. HOWEVER - someone may retract an OUT bid if they change their mind before the "SOLD" call.
ii) If two players bid the same value for an item - the first to bid is the current high bid. Whoever had the competing bid has the option to bid higher if their bid hits the bidding channel 2nd.
iii) If bidding on multiple copies of the same item the current High bid on a tie is the first to bid with that value as shown above in a)ii). if both players with the same high bid are outbid by one bidder- the FIRST to have the same bid is considered to still hold that winning bid until outbid. First bid is the winning bid. Same as if there was only one item.
b) Bidding order is as follows:
i) Usable Classes and level (within 2 levels) at Raid (no drop)
ii) All Raid attendees (droppable) [it is our experience that most droppable loot is not an upgrade for the majority of the raiders and would be best served as a sold item that will allow the player to buy something that IS an upgrade]
iii) All Raid attendees via the Forums. (droppable -if raid leader calls no auction during event due to time)
iv) After one week if there is no interest in the item, it will be sold for Guild Funds.
v) Note: putting a raid on hold so a character not attending the raid may run down for loot is the sole discretion of the Raid Leader.
c) Points in dispute or from a current raid will NOT be considered in your bid. Do not bid more points on an item than you have. Take into account un-posted raid spending and the current raid point expenditures.

6) Quest and Epic Quest Related Hits:
a) Epic and Quest drops are ussually assigned before the raid occurs.
b) The raid to get the epic drop can use the RP system for all other loot as long as the guidelines for what determines a raid are met (see "Raid Definition" above). If those requirements are met, points will be awarded for the raid.
c) If it is not a DKP raid (ie: no Officer present) then it is up to the Raid Leader to decide between random or assigned loot.

7) Miscellaneous:
a) For the purposes of Raid loot only the following definitions apply:
a1) Main = the player that you applied to TF with, has the most raid attendance or the player you have told us is your current main. Players are not expected to change their designated DKP main often
a2) Alt = A player's other character which has lower raid attendance than their main
a3) Box = a character that is predominatly played as a second player by either the real owner or other guidies that have access to the account.
b) What do I do if I have an issue? Please note we are human and will make mistakes. Our goal at the end of the day is to do what is right for the guild not the individual. If you have an issue with points or anything please address it like an adult in either a tell or email with an officer or a post in the webmasters forum (DKP problems) in the members section.
c) An Officer must previously approve all guests. Guests are anyone not having <Tribal Fury> under their name.
d) All coin and trash loot sold for coin from Guild Raids goes to the guild bank. This finances EEs, emeralds, pearls, peridots and cash for corpse summons.


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