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Is Tribal Fury Right for You? If you already know us and our policies, here's a quick jump link to Guild Applications on our forums, where you will be required to login to submit your application. If you are new to us, or not sure what to expect or is expected of you, please read on.

We want people that are looking for a new home in EQ, and are ready to help out and have some great fun! If you have a need for the best gear in game and quick access to the hardest zones in the game immediately, Tribal Fury may not be right for you. We work hard not to bow down to stereotypes of what guilds are supposed to be like. We do it our way, have fun and give people an online home. We progress casually with no required play hours, attendance or items. The more you have in any of those will help out, though. The bottom line: The Tribe has fun, raids well and takes care of each other. If you want to find a home online while you play EverQuest, we might be it.

If you are currently in a guild we request you don't apply here until you have said your farewell to your old family. We are actively seeking people wishing to advance both themselves and the guild. Our minimum level is 81. If you are not quite level 81 and still think TF is the guild for you contact a Tribal Fury officer in game, anything is possible. We are a DKP based guild.

Steps for Applying:

1) We expect prospective members to have read the guild rules and policies, which are located here. By accepting a TF tag you agree to abide by these terms. Applicants failing to adhere to these policies will have their app denied.

2) Current class needs are listed at the top and bottom of this page. Check if your class is in need before you post. Exceptions (in rare cases, mostly reserved for rl friends/family) can be made, but don't expect them. The next step is to post an application in the correct forum, click Guild Applications and post after you register on our forums. Please have your title contain your name and class. If you're not sure what your app should contain, some general info that would help us get to know you is:

  - Character Name
  - Character Class
  - Character Level
  - AA Count (min 450AA required)
  - Magelo Profile (Required, Free Version is fine. EQPlayers is not an acceptable substitute.)
  - Have you ever had a name change?
  - Previous Guild(s) and Reasons for Leaving
  - Reasons for Applying (what do you expect out of TF?)
  - Did someone refer you to Tribal Fury?
  - Does anyone else play your character?
  - Are you Flagged for MMM(Group)?
  - Are you Flagged for MMM(Raid)?
  - Are you Flagged for Crystallos(Group)?
  - What void flag are you for the SoD Expansion?(A, B, C, D, E, or F)?
  - Have you ever raided Ashengate, Frostcrypt, Solteris, or MMM?
  - What is the hardest raid encounter you have done and why?
  - Do you plan on raiding regularly? (If you plan on raiding, please be aware that we will be evaluating
    your app more closely in terms of class, skill, gear, and AA relative to the Guild's current needs)

  - If yes, what days and how often? (Current raid times: Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday at 9pm EST)
  - Have I read the policies and rules put forth by Tribal Fury?

Please put some effort into your application

3) Currently, we work from member input on applicants. Applicants will need enough positive feedback to prove that they are appropriate for TF. There is no set waiting period, how quickly apps are tagged is based solely on their level of activity and their effort at getting to know our members, but 2-3 weeks is how long you can usually expect to wait. All info on raids as well as options to group will be announced in tfchat. This channel is also a method for you to chat with us and hopefully make a friend or two.

4) Members will post their feedback in the App Discussion forum. All information from this forum is expected to be kept private. If members do not feel comfortable posting their opinions on an applicant's thread, feel free to pm an officer with it. It is ultimately the applicants officers' decision on when/if apps will be tagged.

5) Former TF members are still required to post an application. Members will still asked to post feedback, but your retagging will be based on member opinion and reasons for leaving. RL family members still receive automatic invites

6) After you are tagged, you will be a probationary member for 30 days.

7) An application that has had no activity on it for over two weeks will be declined and deleted.

If you have any questions or confusion over this information, feel free to send an officer a tell in game.


See Guild Applications thread for up to date class needs.

Tribal Fury EverQuest Guild : Maelin Starpyre - Since March 2001 |  Webmaster - Worff Makesitso (Rick Wells)