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History of the Tribe: by Serano (with some prehistory from Loarind):

Tribal Fury was created in March 2001. The founding guild leader was Ranek. If you open up the Guild Tool online you will see Loarind, Dealing, and Xdus. These players are plank holders, as they were in TF at it's founding. While they are retired, they are still tagged as TFers for life. Many the first members came from 'Crystaline Stars', which no longer exists. We grew quickly to over 100 members in 6 months. Soon, disagreements took place, which caused half the members to leave the guild due to its uncertainty. Many of those that left initially formed 'Lakoda', which folded, feeding many of the old Vazaelle Raiding guilds. Ranek gave the guild leadership to Stardoz for 2 months until things calmed down. After that, Ranek returned as guild leader and began recruiting again. Soon, Ranek lost interest in EQ and decided to play DAOC. He canceled his account, and he decided to turn leadership of the guild over to Loarind.

Loarind took the helm and the guild focused on having fun and building an online family. We did exp groups and mini raids against the content available to toons in their 30s and 40s including raids in Runnyeye, Lower Guk, Ry`Gorr Fort, Lord Nagafen and Kael Drakkel armor farming. With the advance of levels the members would group up in various Luclin zones and we started raiding minis in Umbral Plains, Mons Letalis, and Akheva Ruins.

In the late Winter of '03 Loarind became unable to dedicate much time to playing, partially due to losing movement in his hands, so he turned the guild leadership over to Jahras (aka Meeras), one of the last members still in the guild from the beginning. In May of 2003 Jahras decided to take an EQ break before he started college. When he left, he appointed Serano to lead the guild. Serano had joined the Tribe in early January of 2002, ten months after the guilds founding.

In September 2003, shortly after Torture and TF merged under the TF tag, Serano was deployed to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division. He left Tribal Fury to the guild's second in command, Pensfan. Pensfan saw TF through many changes including a winter of PoP progression and mandatory raids. Unfortunately, many long time members had different goals than the guild and left Tribal Fury to pursue them. In March of 2004, Pensfan moved on with about 9 others to 'Alternate Eclipse', and left TF in the drunken hands of Arielyn, the oldest surviving Tribal Fury Officer.

Arielyn had joined TF back in the Fall of '01, only 6 months after the guilds founding. The Spring of '04 saw a partial merger from 'Vong' which brought Drannor and some other players back home to TF. Shortly after that we saw a partial merger from 'The Fellowship of Moo' into TF as well. (Neither of those two guilds went all the way and left the old guilds entirely). During this time with leadership from Goofydoofy, Drannor, Serano, Kunglao, Zyzzerzazz and other officers and members, TF defeated Kunark including Veeshan's Peak, Velious including NTOV, Luclin including EMP and all of VT and hard earned progression in POP including the defeat of ALL pre-elemental fights and our first kill of Fennin Ro in Fire. Also during this time we started cutting our teeth on Omens mini's and started many 1.5 epics.

After about 18 months of being drunk and in charge of TF, Arielyn needed a break and in September of '05 handed the leadership of the guild over to Drannor, another one of our long playing officers. After another month or so Arielyn needed a break from TF for a bit so he could try out another style of play and left for our friends in AD.

Drannor (aka Waystin) stepped up to challenge of guild leadership and he and the members saw an accelerated conquest of EQ content unseen in TF history. With Drannor at the helm (and Worff at Tactical) TF progressed thru the defeat of elemental bosses and did over six months of farming Plane of Time. We continued progress thru Omens, and started progress in GoD, DoD and DoN simultaneously. With raids spearheaded by Zyzzerzazz we defeated all of GoD and Omens with the exception of good ole' OMM. With leadership from Isenhart, Uilea, Jahras, other officers and members we defeated dragons and encounters in DoN all the way up to the last tier of DoN - not yet including Vish.

In Feb '07 after a tough winter in RL and 18 months of his own as guild leader Drannor passed the baton off to Zyzzerzazz to run the guild. Zyzz has been a member of TF from the before before time. Aided by his fellow officers which include three former TF Guild Leaders and other burnouts Zyzz has continued herding the cats of TF, farming loot content, raiding DoD progression and looking forward towards future content.

Over time Tribal Fury became a rare guild that has transitioned from a group of friends and family to a strong family of guild members that raid high end content. With a full merger from Torture, and partial mergers from We Happy Few, Fellowship of Moo, Vong and other minor migrations from other old Vazaelle guilds Tribal Fury has continued as one of the longest running guilds from the Vazaelle server and now living on Maelin Starpyre, with a very good reputation. We still have members from most of those guilds which contribute to our rich history. Few active guilds on this server date back to March of '01 or before. Donít be surprised to find yourself grouped with a Tribal member from way back in the day who will ask you how the guild is doing. Sometimes they come home.

Tribal Fury EverQuest Guild : Maelin Starpyre - Since March 2001 |  Webmaster - Worff Makesitso (Rick Wells)