NEW INVITING POLICY, Huzzah! (Real-Life Connection)

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NEW INVITING POLICY, Huzzah! (Real-Life Connection)

Postby bill » Wed May 03, 2006 3:00 pm

We have revamped our system slightly so that there is more control over who is getting real-life invite privileges. Basically, if you are getting a special invite into the guild, I want to personally know about it.

The Tribal Fury definition of Real-Life Connection:
Someone that you have made eye contact with and know through face-to-face interaction. This connection can be made through meeting because of EQ. Lying about this results in me tossing people out of the guild, please don't make us remove this policy entirely by abusing it, thank you.

From now on, here are the new ground rules on being invited into <Tribal Fury>:

~Everyone posts an app, Everyone.

~Only the Guild Leader can invite someone that hasn't been cleared via the message boards to be tagged.

~If people are apping together, they will now app in one single thread. We believe that if, for example, a wife of a husband/wife team doesn't get accepted, the husband won't be staying. We either have room for both or not. This does not exclude people from joining if they do not intend on raiding with the guild. (ie. Get accepted but are lowest priority for raid spots)

~Only the Guild Leader can authorize a Real-Life connection invite.

~Officers can invite their Real-Life connections without authorization, but not for others.

~Lying about any part of an application is basis for denial.

~If a person leaves the guild that was invited via RL connection, and then wants back in later, they no longer have that benefit and must go through normal applications rules.
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