Mavmorda's last chanty epic hit for 1.5

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Mavmorda's last chanty epic hit for 1.5

Postby Mavmorda » Fri Mar 10, 2006 11:13 am

I apologize if I posted this wrong little confused :S It says to post on the other thread but no posts have been added there in months and based off reading it not sure if I need approval that I meet requirements beforehand or what. I hope I meet requirements been in this guild 6 months and attended for a lot of epic stuff but if I have not done enough just let me know what else I need to do to be eligible :D

I am ready for guild assistance on my last epic hit in Plane of Micheif on the All-Seeing Eye. Strats were posted before so going to copy and past what they said...

Here are the directions to get to the All-Seeing Eye from TheRunes:

Ok, so you want to get to the All-Seeing Eye in the Plane of Mischief huh, this is what you have to do.

From the Plane of Knowledge take the Grate Divide stone.

Pull up your map and follow the river all the way down ( South ) tell it ends. Here you will find a doll house, this doll house is the entrance to the Plane of Mischief.

Run North to the Castle, and follow the edge of the water West ( to the Left ) and at -587, 138 you will see an abnormality in the water. This is the path of an invisible bridge you walk up to get onto the wall.

Once on the wall you want to then go to the Right ( East ) tell you get to an entrance on your Left ( North ) you want to enter here.

Follow this into a hallway, now on the Left ( West ) there will be a mural, this is a 2 WAY invisible wall. Follow this up and down some stairs and through a door. Eventually you will be heading East.

On your Left ( North ) you will then come to a big room with a chest in the middle, and a few other mobs around the area. Head to the North / West corner of the room, and go through this mural on the West side of the wall, This is a 1 WAY invisible wall.

Follow the path and the first chance you get make a Right ( West ). You will then find yourself in a hall way. About midway there will be 2 murals on the wall, take the Left ( South ) one This is a 2 WAY invisible wall.

Follow the path through another mural This is also a 2 WAY invisible wall. You will be facing East.

When you get into this room there will be a picture of Bristlebane in front of you, click on the picture to get ported to another room.

In this room, there will be 2 torches on different sides of the wall, click the torch on the South wall, located above the table. This will port you into another room.

In this room, there will be a plant located on a table, click this plant to get ported to the Garden.

Now in the Garden you want to turn Right ( West ), then turn Left ( South ), then turn Left again ( East ). When you turn East hug the Northern side of the shrub ( the inner wall ) tell you find an invisible passage at about 1112, -417. Follow this straight through to another area of the Garden.

Turn Left ( West ), and then turn Right ( North ). As you turn right, hug the East side of the shrub ( the inner wall ) tell you find another invisible passage you go through at about 1286, -280. Follow this all the way through, tell you come out on the other end.

In the Courtyard here you will find the All-Seeing Eye.

*** Word of Caution: Along the path to the All-Seeing Eye there can be random mobs who see through your Invis ***

There is a good map here: ... &start=950

Here is the link to the All-Seeing Eye:

All-Seeing Eye:

This is literally the All-Seeing Eye that spawns in the middle of the Plane of Mischief hedge maze. It is not perma-rooted, looks like a giant beholder, and hits for around 2k. Bring a raid force. Slow is difficult but possible to land, while cripple and weakness are more difficult. Strangle landed fine. It has an estimated one million HPs. Has single-target rampage and procs Gaze of the All-Seeing Eye. Once it's dead, loot the All-Seeing Eye. A chest (called what?) may spawn with additional loot.

It also rampages. The Gaze of the All-Seeing Eye is a very nasty AoE that DoTs and drains mana. Resists and Group heals will be very important.
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Postby Eubedyen » Fri Mar 10, 2006 11:41 am

Fun hit,ill be there.Just let me know when :thumbup
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Postby bill » Fri Mar 10, 2006 12:36 pm

You are most certainly elligible Mav =) I hope I can help I haven't seen that encounter yet.
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Postby Serano » Fri Mar 10, 2006 1:32 pm

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