Work in progress...Einstein-Rosen Bridge (tenative name)

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Work in progress...Einstein-Rosen Bridge (tenative name)

Postby arielyn » Sun Feb 20, 2005 12:05 am

Well, i'm bored, and i started working on a short story for a class i have, but it grew into way more. IT was actually because of a dream i had last night, and eventually i thought i could write it up in about three pages, but after i typed the first 40 pages, i figured i'd have to write a new project. Anyway, this is a rough draft of a story i'm working on. I will post the first chapter, and if you guys like it, i'll keep posting chapters as i finish them.. Right now i'm at about 60 pages. but mostly its an outline, not a finished story.

DISCLAIMER. This is just a rough draft. All dramatical and spelling errors have not been fixed. A lot of descriptions have not been filled in. But any input will be appreciated, and if i ever publish the book, i'll include anyone who helps in the Credits. Deal?

anyway. Here we go.
Einstein-Rosen Bridge
Chapter One- Our Arrival

I don’t know what went wrong. The ship should have been able to handle the voyage. The hole should have never taken us in. All those years of scientists checking every situation that could be predicted, every theory that could gone wrong, every single aspect of this mission hammered over again and again, have proven useless. Myself, and my crew of three are stranded here. The ship, disintegrate upon re-entry for all I know, is no where to be seen. Along with it. All our food, Equipment, clothes. Pretty much anything that will keep us alive. Yet we were here, untouched and alive. Why? How could the ship not make it, but we did? I had the feeling that I would never know the answer to that mystery.
The ship we traveled here in was a probe really. A scientific rocket designed to fit four, to reach incredible speeds for fast journey, to get information. We were the test pilots, the guinea pigs. Only one of us that is even remotely a scientist is Jonesy , and he’s not much of one to begin with. We were chosen because of our expendability, not because of our qualifications. And here we are, with nothing but the clothes we’re wearing, in a snowy wonderland of disillusionment. Our mission was simply to gather data from the black hole, to provide gravitational information, to insure that the second ship was prepared for what it needed to do, so that the true mission could follow. We were so low on the chain of command, we were not even told what the true mission was. Simply to gather data was what we were told, aboard a ship that gathered information automatically. A 10 hour useless trip to the black hole that was recently discovered a few clicks outside Pluto’s orbit, to do some tests, and return home.
“Where the fuck are we?” muttered Paul. He dusted snow off his suit, and glanced around us with the eyes of a predator. I was technically the leader among us, mostly chosen because I was in command of the ship that had stumbled upon the black hole, however, I would say that the best qualified was Paul. Greying, though with a full head of hair, with a broad face that could switch from making you feel like his best friend, to his worst enemy, And his medium frame was clearly the result of years of exercise. His enemy face was on now, as he scanned the horizon. It was a face that said do not fuck with me.
“How should we know?” I said, the wind ripped through my jumpsuit and I shivered. “Jonesy, you got any idea?”
Joe, sitting in the 6 inches of snow at our feet, looked at me. “Man, I need a drink” he muttered under his voice. He stood up, and looked around with the same bewilderment we all had at this moment. His name was Joe, but everyone called him Jonesy, because of his love of alcohol, and his habit of saying he was jonesing for a drink. I never really did figure out where jonesing came from, or what it really meant, but we all knew it meant he wanted some booze. He was the closest thing to a scientist we had. His job on the mission was to make sure the data was acquired correctly, but really his main qualification was with computers and programming. Pretty much a skinny kid, with a big brain, and an even bigger desire to destroy that brain with drinking.
“As far as I can guess,” he began” We’re back on earth.”
“How is that possible? We were a million miles away!” I glanced over at Sarah, our pilot. She was lying unconscious in the snow. A minor scratch was across her forehead, appearing to have been caused by a tree branch or something, but she appeared to be ok. Reading my mind, Paul walked over to her. He was our ship’s resident doctor, More of a doctor’s assistant in all reality, but he checked her head and started to try to wake her.
“Man, I’m a computer geek, not a scientist.” he scowled.
“Yes, but out of all of us here, you’re probably the smartest”Paul barked. Sarah started coming around, and Paul lifted her out of the snow.
“What happened?” she slowly said, as she delicately brushed the snow and debris off her body. Her lithe build, her carefully trimmed hair, her porcelain doll face, were about as at home here, in this snowy terrain, as a cat would be, swimming in the middle of the ocean.
“Ok, man, let me think for a second.” Joe had the look of a hungover man at 6 in the morning.” I read a few books about this stuff, but come on man, that was years ago.”
Paul was glaring at him, so I asked him to start to make us a fire. I knew, from his bio that he was an avid woodsman and outdoors man. His eyes sparked to life and he agreed. Jesus, I thought to myself, this guy really wants to make this fire. He looked as if I had granted him three genie wishes with the way his eyes danced around merrily, as he started to look around for wood. His enemy face was gone now. Now was the face, that had earned him the love and friendship of pretty much everyone on the planet earth. He had the kind of smile that made you feel like the most important person in the world, and funny thing is, I think that whoever he was talking to became the most important person in the world to him. He was one of those few people who really did care about what other people had to say, and had a manner of speaking that made you feel comfortable reciting your deepest childhood fears.
Jonesy began “My best guess is that the time-travel theories of black holes are correct. I had a hunch that the main mission was something along those lines anyway man. So my guess is that we were somehow catapulted back to earth sometime in the future or the past.”
“What makes you think this is earth,” Sarah grimaced. Maybe her head hurt worse than I thought.
“Well, We’re breathing aren’t we? And as far as I know, there aren’t any planets even close that will keep us alive. Plus, look around. It looks like fuckin’ earth. There’s trees, snow, mountains. So since Earth is the only planet I’ve ever been on, and it looks like earth, lets say its earth ok? Man, I am jonesing for a drink right now.”
I looked around. It did indeed look like earth, and now that the initial shock of being alive was starting to wear off, it was actually quite beautiful. There were picturesque mountains, and the lightly falling snow brought a sort of ethereal feeling to the place. It reminded me of all those postcards I’ve seen from places such as Colorado, Montana, or Alaska.
“Yes, It does look like earth. It reminds me of where I grew up.”said Sarah. I knew by her information that she was born in New Hampshire. Postcard from New England, Why didn’t I think of that. It actually looked exactly like new England. The mountains were rounded and obviously aged down by the weather. The fir trees were those thick Christmas tree looking ones, and it was fucking cold. The kind of cold that tore through your bones and left them for dead.
“How’s that fire going Paul” I asked, for no reason. I could see that he was almost started already. Took him about 5 minutes to gather the wood, and it was already stacked into a cone shaped pile. He was working on friction to get the kindling to catch as I asked.
“Five to ten minutes Kay.” I glared at him, He knows I hate being called Kay. My sisters name was Kay, and mine was Keith. As children, we used to be called Kay Kay by our parents. Was cute when I was five, not now being 30. “ Sorry Keith... Five to ten minutes.”
“Sarah, how’s your head?”
“I’ll live. Feels like someone smacked me with a yardstick, but nothing unbearable.”
I could see that the fire was starting to smolder, and that at least if nothing else, we would be warm soon. Its amazing that how the littlest thing can seem so big when you have nothing. Suddenly, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Something large. My head spun around to it.

“Be quiet.....What...was ...That...” I whispered.

Paul looked up from his fire, enemy face back on quicker than a flare. He reached for one of his branches that he had gathered and held it like a club. I did the same. Jonesy and Sarah were looking in the direction that I was looking, jaw’s slightly dropped, almost reminding me of a rabbit looking into the eyes of a wolf.
We were completely silent. The fire slowly beginning to catch, only noise being the soft crackling of the kindling igniting. Paul’s eyes were scanning the trees, trying to see what I had seen. Even though we couldn’t see it, we could feel it. There’s nothing quite that feeling. Our peaceful little camp had been intruded, and all of us knew it.
There was a snap of a branch up ahead. Jonesy’s jaw opened even wider, and I could feel the grip on my branch tighten. Paul, as silent as the grave, began to walk in the direction of the noise. The wind was in our face, blowing snow into our eyes, clouding our view. Whatever up ahead was much bigger than we were, I had seen enough of it to know that for sure. I began to wonder just where on earth the probe had placed us, and if in fact we had landed on earth at all.
I began to mimic Paul’s footsteps, stepping in his tracks. I did not want to make a sound, and I knew that his foot falls would fall upon snow and earth, Where as mine would probably snap every branch on the ground from here to whatever lied ahead. I grew up in Florida. I spent my time on the beach looking at bikinis and surfing, Closest thing I came to the woods was nature trails in the middle of FT Lauderdale. And there was no branches to break there, nor was their large, strange beasts to alert to your presence.
Suddenly Paul stopped, and put his hand back. I froze in my tracks as I heard another snap. It was right ahead, the trees were so thick and the snow was really kicking up now that we couldn’t see it. But that snap was not more than 20 feet away. The fire was really going behind us now, and the popping of it was getting loud. In this empty terrain, the snaps were echoing around us, reverberating off every snowflake, off every tree. They were pounding the silence around us like a drum, the only thing being louder was my heart beating in my ears.
Without warning a huge shape crashed through the trees. Paul fell back in shock, and crashed right into me knocking me over. We were lying defenseless on the ground and we knew whatever it was, was running right for us. I uttered a slight cry of terror as I spun my head around to see whatever it was attacking us. And then I laughed.
It was a deer. Scared shitless of us, bolting for freedom, thinking we were after it. The wave of relief I felt was echoed in Paul, and we sat there laughing like children as we tried to gather our wits. Jonesy and Sarah ran towards, wondering what had happened, and saw a glimpse of the deer as it pranced further and further away.
“Well,” Paul finally said, after he composed himself. “At least we know we wont starve."

hope you guys enjoy this.

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