New Mage Epic

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New Mage Epic

Postby bill » Tue Sep 21, 2004 11:29 am

New Epic Walkthrough

Its not finished yet, Ronaldor wants YOU to help with the info!

Good luck in the field guys and gals. Look me up with any questions or comments.
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New Checklist

Postby bill » Wed Sep 22, 2004 1:58 pm

This is copied from the MageTower site and maintained by Xalmat I believe.

[ ] Talk to Bantil Io'Tuv, receive Tattered Note

[ ]* Find Danvi's Corpse, loot Journal of Magus Tvish
[ ] Give Journal of Magus Tvish to Bantil Io'Tuv

[ ] Say "Violet Roses" to a Lost Tomekeeper, receive Tome of Primal Fires
[ ] Give Tome of Primal Fires to Bantil Io'Tuv

[ ]* Complete Key to Charasis quest.
[ ]* Loot Book of Bindings and Incantations
[ ]* Kill Grigor Rojha, loot Codex of Ice and Ether
[ ]Give Book of Bindings and Incantations and Codex of Ice and Ether to Bantil Io'Tuv

[ ] Talk to Jahsohn Aksot
[ ] Talk to Walnan
[ ] Defeat Akksstaff's Minion, receive Sentience of Elements
[ ] Give Sentience of Elements to Bantil Io'Tuv

The next four steps can be completed in any order you desire.

[ ] Talk to Sarhya the Dawnbreeze
[ ] Defeat Elemental Essence of Air, receive Elemental Essence of Air

[ ] Talk to Jurmak the Undertow
[ ] Talk to High Priest Margle
[ ]* Loot 4 Ice Burrower Meats
[ ] Give 4 Ice Burrower Meats to High Priest Margle
[ ] Defeat Tiknonmanin, loot Elemental Essence of Water

[ ] Talk to Miak the Searedsoul
[ ] Talk to Gnaap Guinders, receive Note from Gnaap
[ ]* Kill any Diaku, loot Diaku War Maul
[ ] Give Note from Gnaap and Diaku War Maul to Bor Warhammer, receive Reinforced Flask.
[ ]* Kill frogs in Plane of Storms, loot Hydrolyzed Ether
[ ]* Kill crystalline creatures in Plane of Valor, loot Metallic Liquid
[ ]* Kill turtles in Ferubi, loot Heavy Water
[ ]* Get Brewing to 100 or greater (HIGHLY recommended, makes the following combine NO FAIL)
[ ] Combine Hydrolyzed Ether, Metallic Liquid, Heavy Water, Reinforced Flask in Brew Barrel, create Corrosive Solution.
[ ] Give Corrosive Solution to Gnaap Guinders.
[ ] Defeat Elemental Essence of Fire, loot Elemental Essence of Fire

[ ] Talk to Taq`aal Emeraldshard
[ ] Defeat Elemental Essence of Earth, receive Elemental Essence of Earth

This is as far as the mage community is atm in regards to our epic.
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Deep Encounter

Postby bill » Tue Oct 12, 2004 1:05 pm

Deep Encounter with Grigor Rojha

So, it appears this NPC has a 2000dmg AOE that it casts with a 3.0sec cast time that CAN BE INTERRUPTED.

Grigor also procs a 2.0sec spin-stunner on his target.

The AOE is Fire (-350) meaning one would need at least a 400 to have a chance at resisting it. That chance would be small at 400 =/ So it would seem that one would expect that AE to land and land for full on anyone that can be hit.

I've never been to this chamber so i'm not sure what the other mobs in the room look like. I think there are some pillars used to stand behind during THO fights so I am thinking one could clear the room and use those, not sure. A 2k AE hitting casters will wipe them out in no time.

a 3.0sec cast time doesn't give much opportunity to avoid it so it would seem to be a jump out and cast then hide for your life kinda things.

Even worse for melee is that spin-stunner. It has a Fire check @ (-400) so one would basically need a 450FR to stand a chance.

So pretty much we are looking at having a tank with either a minimum 450FR or have enough healers to plan on him getting blasted for full and often.

Air pets and Paladins are the key in this fight. Since the AE's can be interrupted/stunned/FULLY slowable then the fight is reportedly super easy. PPL in EP gear are reporting there was no fight at all with the AE scene locked down.

I bet 2 heavy TF groups could drop this guy. Would need 1-3 clerics, 1-3 tanks (Warriors take precedent as MT so paladins are left unmolested to stun) and then a minimum of 1 "extra" mage for an extra air pet should the other mage be chaining another one.

Basically I wouldn't even try to zone in without 1 pally(non-MT) and 1 extra mage and 1 cleric. Nistari, you know anything else?

OH, I think the only pally stun that works is the Divine Stun since I believe this mob is lvl 75. pallies, can you chime in?
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Postby Nistari » Tue Oct 12, 2004 3:59 pm

Haha...removed my post as I didn't notice mob was lvl 75.

But, point is...we need 2 groups to handle this. Standard classes...expect to be hit with the AE and umm...bring lots of healing power...

Not sure if I will let Dran try this first or if I'll try it first...
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Postby bill » Tue Oct 12, 2004 4:16 pm

Nist, bad news.

Grigor is lvl 75. I don't think enchanters or clerics or paladins can stun that high. I read something about pallies getting something called divine stun which is reported to work as far as 75.

For some reason our pets are just beasts and stun almost anything it seems. Just that we can't control it heh.

yeah the travel across really isn't hard. But it is time consuming. The path out of the THO chamber is actually a fake wall so making that run into that room and not knowing exactly where the fake wall is can be bad for your health.
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Postby Bilnick » Tue Oct 12, 2004 5:29 pm

Pally OoW stun spells work on mobs up to level 70. Divine Stun is an AA (costs 9 points) that stuns mobs up to level 68. The OoW upgrade Celestial Stun, costs 12aa, and the Paladin must be level 68 and have Divine Stun AA. The AA description does not specifically say what level max mobs are affected by Celestial Stun but I would guess 73-75. There are other AA which shrink the reuse time of Celestial/Divine Stun as well.
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Postby Zyzzerzazz » Tue Dec 21, 2004 2:01 pm

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