The Price of Intelligence

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The Price of Intelligence

Postby Velnarin » Mon Sep 20, 2004 6:39 pm

Heh heh heh I ordered the forum and then didn't post anything! I blame it on my server. :thumbup Yyyep, the building it was in burned down a couple of months ago and since then there's been two weeks of downtime and days of inactive service cuz in all the confusion I forgot to pay the bill. Woot.

With all that said and done I think it's safe to say this will work: ... Story.html

I bring joo 'The Price of Intelligence', a short story/comedy.
Summary: Enthypoo had to borrow 1kpp from Tkann (Kitty BL, Clan Breathnach) for an overpriced necklace and wanted some way of making that money back whilist improving more than his Social skills (PoK buffing). He should've probably stuck with the social skills though. /nod

True story for the most part. =)
I don't like my writing style much....
All opinions welcome~
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Postby bill » Thu Sep 23, 2004 10:03 am

Would ppl like fnord and I be allowed to point out grammatical errors and mispellings?

Sometimes I welcome that on my writing and sometimes I just don't want to hear it.

I'll let you decide ;)

I'm just getting into it now and there is an issue in the very first sentence, so I haven't gotten deep yet.

Hehe funny story. Nice to see someone that see their character as a character and not a collection of items that make up stats and abilities.

You plowed straight to lvl 50 without pausing to gear up at all? In 1 week? You must fizzle like fucking mad back then heh.

"Fletching is for dummies, yes." That book went flying, too.


OK, just read the entire story on my lunch break. Reminds me of a story I once wrote about a TF hit on Venril Sathir about 1.5 years ago.

You do enjoy writing about your character, it shows through. I enjoyed writing about Dran back in the day for what appears to be some similar reasons.

Its fun because someone(s) has already written all the history down for you to work from. On top of that, your audience has no need of exposition to put the history together, we've all already read that book ;)

So, I liked it. Have you ever read any of Riverdane's stuff?

If not, I'll link it for you. He had the entire server basically on the edge of their seats waiting for every chapter. It was good.

One of the cooler aspects is that even tho there are a million and one stories to be written, there are common characters in every story.

In Riverdane's bits, he used many Vaz celebrities that tons of people could recognize and that helped it so much.

So my final ruling is :thumbup

Keep those stories coming, and I admit, this was inspirational to possibly start writing my own again.
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Postby Velnarin » Mon Sep 27, 2004 7:32 pm

The end was pretty blocky before I revised it the first time but I didn't revise the revision. Sure I don't mind you pointing stuff out at all, it makes my job easier should I attempt to fiddle with it again. Although I can't seem to find a problem with the first sentance. @_o Now I'm curious~

And naw, I didn't fizzle all that much. Since I wasn't actually PLed and did earn my levels by straight grinding, I got my full 5 skillups per level. On most things. Divination needed some work because it's just our illusions mainly, and evocation was a little yucky until I hit 55. Our job used to actually primarily be *gasp* crowd control, so I didn't have all the time in the world to nuke. And needless to say, having been naked, I didn't have the mana to either.

The fact that the story was based on something was actually the only part I didn't like. For simple reasons, but no big deal: I couldn't show it to anyone who hasn't played it without throwing an EQ dictionary in their face.

I saw Riverdane's name on the Vazaelle boards. I hang out in the art/writing section a lot where he's a moderator. I don't read writings though. I don't seem to have a lot of time, so I only look at things I was referred to. I'll take a look at his posts. =)

Can you post some things that You have written? I hope ya have inky stories toooo~

I started on another story after I finished this one but haven't picked on it much. Maybe I will tonight. After the raid, which I'm late for the seventh time this week. :wavey

Glad ya liked it.
~ Velnarin D'Faer the White Wizard - Master Crossdresser, Journeyman Researcher, and Lord of Okra
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Postby bill » Tue Sep 28, 2004 10:32 am

You spelled incessant incorrectly, no biggy.

I'll link river's first story (the best one imo) in another thread.

I was trying to hunt down something I wrote about a battle in Karnor's Castle back when we were doing epic hits waaaaay back when VS was a force. Infirno and Zyzzerzazz have copies of it but I doubt they still have a years old copy of a rough draft of a short story heh.
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Postby Serano » Wed Oct 06, 2004 3:22 pm

From the begining just about every camp I ever sent Serano to was about gear. Sure there were the obvious exp camps --- but even in them I had something in mind. From level 12 - 18 I campedin Kerra Ridge - that oft missed zone to the West of Toxx forest. Gear? in KErra? impossible. nah... I was killing the 3 rats and getting faction by turning in the teeth to the fisher - who regaled me with tales of his brother's fishing. Who I journeyed to on his boat. All I needed to do was catch a rare fish. A rare fish indeed. I spent 5 levels killing rats and all the fish I could in between rat spawns waiting for that fish to spawn. Finnally after all of that work - I prevailed found the fish on track and harvested it. I still covent my 3 /17 1hb Kerran Fishing pole.

Sure I leveled a little bit in LOIO - why? I hadn't done a char there before - and Some Tribe was hanging out there at the time. But when I was in Frontier mountain with Mortycha I was there for the fabled earings that the giants would drop only for me to lose the roll on time and time again.

This trend continued when all my pals were in POI, POD or PON grinding thru their 50s - where was I? camping the same 3 mobs in MAidens eye until I finaly got that stone visor (was that what it was?) off of the named Red guy.

Ok - YES - I have done my retarded endeavor's like the time I fell off the map for weeks on end gather bone chips and killing outcast Iksar. But When it was all done - the Iksar tolerate me more than any other wood elf - well not the necros and shaman - something about Casic Thule... they just don'ts likes me.

But from the very begining - hunting animals to get pelts to use tailoring on to get the leet patchwork mantle(later to be upgraded to the tattered mantle - thanks gullerback). To hanging out in Ry`gorrs to get the best droppable chain gear in the game (short of KT, NTOV droppable gear). oh those were the days. Nothing but the best for this Ranger. Now eternally gimp and unmatching - And wearing the worst hat in Norath - for the stats.
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serano's lady teaser

Postby Luthe » Wed Oct 06, 2004 5:08 pm

omg that hat is sooo L33t ~ have you looked in the mirror lately ??
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