Thank You TRIBAL FURY :)

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Thank You TRIBAL FURY :)

Postby Edwenya » Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:43 pm

At this time I would like to thank everyone of you in taking in those who wish to move over to you from Proximity. Many of you are aware and I have chatted with you in game that I have stepped down Edwenya as Leader of Proximity to work on RL and find my game fun once again. I have hopes that one day Conyder will come back but last talking with him there is no time frame to that. I know some will remain with Prox and have posted that they have 30 days to move or where ever they may chose to go or stay but as of now there is no real person that will be leading ... I will check in daily with Proximity and Officers that have moved on as well will have alts made officers to keep informed the people that do stay .
The decisions I have made have not come easy by any means and I have made good friends with many of you and will keep in touch and help where I can. Edwenya is now in Sequel where many of my friends have been for some time and been after me to apt. Time will tell my final goals will be, Life changes are that... and my pursuit of happiness for RL and game is what I seek, my time leading Proximity was great but I know I could not lead anymore so I hope I have done what is best for them and I feel you all are the right fit.
SO THANK YOU Serano, Officers of TF and members alike for you understanding in this.
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