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Postby Antok » Wed Apr 11, 2007 4:18 pm

a few times in the past - a box (or main for that matter) that has officially changed hands has been zeroed out.

I think weed's toons except for weed collectively have 2 dkp each from him - the two bloodeye stamps each one is in. Weed was mostly Weed, but I earned at least the ten dkp I spent on him. I didn't actually even think about someone potentially bringing it up as an ownership change.

I still definitely don't think of them as my toons, and I imagine weed will hang on to them pretty much until EQ dies.

They're still his, but since I'm the person on them by far the majority of the time at the moment, I wouldn't have an issue with them being treated as my boxes at least until he is back. I'd rather have them adjusted to reflect the DKP I've earned on them*^ rather then completely zeroed, but I won't whine too loudly either way.

*As was done with Ritasue - when she was zeroed, she got a +5 adjustment to reflect DKP earned by adle boxing, in the period before she was zeroed
^For weed, this would pretty much involve him staying at 0, as he is now. For the rest, this would involve taking them out of the two bloodeye stamps.
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Postby Meso » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:37 pm

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