Bard 1.5 Hits

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Bard 1.5 Hits

Postby Aubrianna » Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:41 pm

This is mostly for Uilea, and I guess whoever else. Gonna do a write up of all the Bard hits. Right now I can spawn any 1 of a certain 4 of these hits tonight, dependant upon attendance. So stead of picking one now, I'll write up all the strats and we'll make that decision tonight.

Dragon Necropolis 1:
Raid Size - 2-3 groups max
Class Focus - DPS (melee or caster)
Zone - Dragon Necropolis
Get to zone, invis to far side and set up camp there. Clear green trash and spawn any beetle traps and clear em. I do a hand in and spawn 11 mobs: Vesthon Marijakin, 3x A Lumbering Zombie, 3x A Marijakin Acolyte, 4x A Mercenary Guard. Best case scenario pull, I single Vesthon Marijakin. Semi good case, I get the 3 Lumbering Zombie adds. All hell breaks loose, I get all 11 mobs plus up to 10 more per time this event has been run recently (10 dont have to die and they never despawn).
So, best case scenario I single Vesthon. Need high DPS on him because if we dont get him to a certain low % he will despawn and event will be failed. When at low hp % he will despawn and Vesthon's Abomination will spawn. Burn him to the ground for the win.
Semi good case, 1-3 tanks off-tank the 3 zombies while raid burns vesthon. All hell breaks lose? We evac and/or GL rez and find a new target.
Mob Info...
A Mercenary Guard...
...hits for 800
A Marijakin Acolyte...
...hits for 850
A Lumbering Zombie...
...hits for 800
...rootable, snarable so if not extra tanks and they aggro, ranger kite
Vesthon MArijakin...
...hits for 800
Vesthon's Abomination
...hits for 1325, slowable, AE ramp but I hear its weak, Bellycaster
...AE Venom of Vesthon
.....-400hp/tick, -100 to stats, 36 poison counters, -175PR check, 200' radius (radius wont matter, not a large enough area to get casters out of it)

Dragon Necropolis 2: (in case I can get DN1 done without raid help, or they can be done back to back if I have a porter escort)
Raid Size - 3-5 groups
Class Focus - Access Tanks and DPS (this is next to a zerg event)
Zone - Dragon Necropolis
Set up at camp, clear of all trash (and minions if a former event never despawned, possible). When I zone in event will start and be on a timer. Not much info on this event but will do my best. 7 Liches and 14 Minions will spawn. Dependant upon attendance, this can be handled 2 ways. If we have access tanks and crowd controll, half of the minions (unknown which half, though I believe the trolls) can be mezed and rest will have to be offtanked. ONLY tanks offtanking the minions, rest of the raid moves from 1 Lich to another and burns them down. If a minion dies it respawns instantly so dont bother killing them. Liches rumored to hit for crap (300 ish) so burning is more important than establishing a tank for them. Once each lich dies, their minions poof. IMPORTANT NOTE!! Minions are tethered, and everytime they tether they come back and hit for twice, triple, quadruple, etc. If we have low attendance, I can "try" and kite the minions while raid burns liches down.
Once all Liches are down, Vesthon Marijakin spawns again. DPS him down but save discs. When he dies, The Dracolithe of Hsagra will spawn. Range DPS if you got it, but just Disc burn for the win.
Mob Info...
Liches (names vary, but each one has "Lich" in it)
...unknown max hit
...possible slowable, but none of them should pose a threat
Minions (unknown names, but assumed to have "Minion" in them)
...unknown max hit, around 800
...possible slowable, shouldnt pose a threat unless LEASED!
...DO NOT LEASE, cant stress that enough
...White Skeletons and Undead Trollsa re mezzable, Red Skeletons are not (rumors but we'll see)
Vesthon Marijakin
...unknown max hit, but is not high
...AE Venom of Vesthon
.....-400hp/tick, -100 to stats, 36 poison counters, -175PR check, 200' radius (radius wont matter, not a large enough area to get casters out of it)
The Dracolithe of Hsagra
...hits for 1400, possiibly slowable, AE rampages, bellycaster
...AE Tendrils of Oshiruk
.....-500hp/tick, snare, 9 curse counters, unresistable, 200' radius (lasts 8 minutes and recasts every 12 seconds, so curing during fight is negligable, but cure after fight is must)

Raid Size - 2-3 groups each
Class Focus - Balanced
Zone - Jaggedpine Forest, North Karana, Stonebrunt Mountains
Each dragon is spawned by DPSing a Dire (insert animal name here) to 80%. Dragon will then pop non-aggro and raid can pummel into non-existance at leisure. Only the Jaggedpine Forest dragon will depend on mod blacement, other 2 can be pulled whereever in zone. Each one has a 200' AE and is a belly caster, so for once more rangers = good!. Rangers and your bows go nuts. Each dragon also has about 320k hp.
A Mountain Dragon
...hits for 1900, rampages, unknown slowability, bellycaster
...AE Stone Breath
.....-500hp, 3 second stun, 1 slot dispell, -200 chromatic check, 200' range
...Stonebrunt Mountain zone
A Plains Dragon
...hits for 1300, possibly slowable but dont get your hopes up, bellycaster
...AE Thunder Breath
.....-1500hp, 2 slot dispell, -250MR check, 200' range
...North Karana
A Forest Dragon
...hits for 1800, AE rampages, bellycaster
...AE Torrent Breath
.....-1500hp, 2 slot dispell, knockback, -250CR check, 200' range
...Jaggedpine Forest
The Forest dragon requires the most strategy of the three I need. Propor placement will shield healers from AE/Rampage, and will give rangers a specific spot to stand on to shoot from outside AE. Melee and casters (cause of bellycaster) will have to round corner, do their thing, and come back out before they die. Success of this fight will rely on Rangers and Trueshot to be honest, and whatever dps can survive being in ramp/AE range.

I will edit this writeup with the information on the last 2 encounters at a later time, since these 5 have to be done first. I can spawn DN1 then DN2 back to back, or any/all of the dragons at any time. One doesnt ahve to be done before the other (besides DN1 before DN2 obviously).

Edited post, 7 liches and 14 minions in DN2 (got corrected). And was told that the white skeletons and undead troll minions are mezzable, and apposed to the red skeletons.
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Postby Uilea » Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:49 pm


Can you estimate hps/how hard is he to single?

I'd like to at least do him and your dragons tonight, if not DN2 as well
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Postby Aubrianna » Fri Jul 21, 2006 1:03 pm

Pulling Vesthon was the bane of my existence and my 1.5 for a long time. He needs to be pulled in under 10 seconds from spawning, else all 11 mobs (plus however many have been left up, we had about 40 or so when we failed it) aggro. He can be pet pulled, but whoevers doing it must be on their toes (the necro flinched last time and lost it for us). I've got a few pulling tricks now though, and was just practicing in HoH, singling 1 mob from 4 mobs without lull, mez, snare, etc /grin. And it takes me 3 seconds, so if it works on them it "should" work on vesthon. However I cant know till we go there. If I spawn him now and test it I gotta farm turn in items for 4 hours lol. So, after rambling I'm gonan say yes, I should be able to single him np. And his hp really isnt a whole lot, and I cant find an accurate number, but from what it sounds like is a normal MPG mob or something hp. Got 3 minutes to knock him down, then like 20 minutes on the abomination which shouldnt be a problem.

Postby Uilea » Fri Jul 21, 2006 3:22 pm

Ok, sounds good
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Postby Nennie » Fri Jul 21, 2006 5:25 pm

When we did DN1 for me a few months ago we had no problems at all. Tagged him as soon as we could, rooted the initial zombies that popped, and just bruned the hell out of him. Event took seconds and i think we had like 25 people? Just evaced out to avoid the door spawns. From what I've read they only really add if you go near the door, so keep away.

Wish i could come help out tonight, but have a final. Good luck aub!

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Postby Aubrianna » Fri Jul 21, 2006 5:41 pm

heh, 10 seconds after handin everything aggroes, found that out the hard way

also, if bards previously did this right and didnt kill anything but vesthon (or they failed) can have anywhere from 10-60 mobs sitting there waiting lol. Thats where single pulling him comes in

Postby Aubrianna » Sat Jul 22, 2006 2:57 am

I spawned my event solo and took a LOT of notes, and figured out a lot of stuff. Wish I could show you all the picture I drew heh, so you'll have to bear with me on a description and a lame attempt at text art.

The Liches spawn in a semi circle around the ramp as such


Each lich has 2 minions. The breakdown on mezzability goes...Amila, Locis, Puella, Xeegorns minions are all mezable, rest are not. Minions hit between 400-500 max before they leash the first time. To prevent any leashing, we wont be kiting them next time. Before spawning, the raid is going to form a larger semi circle around where the liches will spawn. With 2 chanters and me minimum, we should be able to hold down 8 minions. That leaves 6 minions....3 tank-like classes (whatever we will have who can handle 2 400 hitters and keep aggro) will tank-mez the minions for Ilishu, Jailor, and MAlikor. Minions of Locis, Amila, Puella, and Xeegorn will get mezed. Mobs will be preassigned to tanks and mezers, and raid will be spread out in the semi circle around the event. When event is spawned, raid will close in on all sides and take care of their duties (tank mezing, and real mezing). All DPS will assist in burning liches, and the order will go Ilishu, Jailor, Malikor, Xeegorn, Puella, Locis, Amila (Tank-mezed first then regular mezed last). While last lich is being DPS'd, ALL casters will move to the safe spot ASAP. The ramp itself will guard you from the AE.

From there, we will have to handle the AE on the melee/caster DPS (since he is a belly caster). However if we handle the minions this way, I do not believe will have as many, if any, deaths before final mob and our healers wont run out of steam. Plus protection from the AE will help tremendously.

If theres any other comments/suggestions I'm all ears. That was the first time I ever saw that event with my own eyes, and I gleaned next to jack from the forums. However going back solo I learned a lot without being rushed.

Edit - there was a rumor that random number of minions (2-4) could spawn per lich, and that mezability between liches could be random. I'll spawn this even a few more times before we hit it again to test this.

Postby Uilea » Sat Jul 22, 2006 9:55 am

We'll try this again Tuesday or Thursday, sucks to get so close. Thursday usualy sees us our highest turnout.
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Postby Serano » Sat Jul 22, 2006 11:09 am

The only time I fought this - we (don't remember who was running) tryed to assign tanks ahead of time that were going to tank mez and chanters that were going to mez - and when we started all hell broke loose - ane peeps ran all around thethering mobs over and over and they ramped up on their attack and then we got wiped out pretty quick. When we rezzed the bard back in - the event respawned - without despawning - so we had two events up at once. we did not attempt a retry - and I left the event disgusted with Sony once again for making a "fun" game a little too complicated for my tastes.
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Postby Horcrux » Thu Jul 27, 2006 5:29 pm


Well I was testing my event in DN, whats mezzable and other such things. Decided to just die stead of try and gate back, so figured I'd see how high those minions can hit. Well I chain leashed em for a couple minutes and you can see whath appened.
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Postby bill » Fri Jul 28, 2006 10:46 am

Grats Aubri )
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Postby Areo » Fri Jul 28, 2006 10:54 am

Grats Aub
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