High Elven Cultural Smithing

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High Elven Cultural Smithing

Postby Meso » Wed Jul 27, 2005 11:56 am

Going so well it's kinda scary. The RNG is due to take a crap on me soon.

I remember with Blessed Full Mithril armor it was at best only a 50% chance of success and I'd cringe every time I hit combine.

Making Sickles and investing in AA points for BS mastery and salvage seem to have been worth it.

Grandmaster's Moonglade armor is nice stuff when combined with the GM Symbol of Growth. (can't make the symbols yet)

So far I have made 7 pieces with ZERO fails.
3 breastplates
1 leggings
1 sleeves
1 helm
1 boots

These require combining metallic drake scales with mithril bars as a sub-combine, 17 scale combines (at 15k each) required for the 7 pieces of armor. I failed one scale combine in the lot.

If I ever complete the GM quest I can make the symbls too. But getting groups to do Lavaspinner DoNs isn't easy. Everybody wants to do Creator.

Free combines to guildees for these or any other combines I can do if you provide the materials and accept the risk that the RNG is not always so nice.

Smitty skill 288 / 302 modified
BS mastery 2
Salvage 3
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Postby Serano » Wed Jul 27, 2005 12:06 pm

wows - 288 smithing - awesome had no idea you were so high in smithing - awesome.
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