Direwind, Ashengate etc.

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Direwind, Ashengate etc.

Postby Keld » Thu Sep 21, 2006 12:15 pm

I've been to a few of the better xp zones in TSS and was wondering if anyone wanted to visit them? There's a quest in Direwind you can do to get by the guards that block Ashengate, or you can DA by them or have someone train them and you go in. I'd like to get it done, because using WS to get by them sucks - you have to train to the zone and some retards stand afk there and when you "/ooc TRAIN to zone" they die :(.

Seems like a lot of the good quests are there. Also there's Icefall and Valdeholm.

I really would like to have some fun in these zones considering XP would be good fighting yellows and reds and still get to see new zones/spells/items :).

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