Wednesday Sept. 13 Bard Dragon Hits 8 PM

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Wednesday Sept. 13 Bard Dragon Hits 8 PM

Postby Nennie » Fri Sep 08, 2006 2:12 pm

Would like to request help from Guild to knock out as many of the 4 dragons I need to kill for my 1.5,

Two-Three groups (Three perfered so the encounters are a breeze). Need 1 or 2 decent tanks, 2-3 clerics, a reliable slower, and dps :) Dragons aren't bad, and with druids can pretty much port between them. Straight forward fights, so any help that can be given would be appreciated :)

Stats Below. Please meet in Guild Hall at 8pm and will move out as soon as a sufficient amount and right classes log on. They are easy 5 minute fights and would really like to get them out of the way. Thank you :)


4 Dragons to be Slain - (Yay, Dragonslaying, real Fantasy stuff ^_^)

Each Dragon will spawn after you kill the Dire animal, they are ALL NON-AGRO so you can set up around them after you kill the Dire animal (make sure your raid knows this, many deaths came from folks attacking the dragon)

A Dire Panda- Stonebrunt Mountains - Becomes "A mountain Dragon" AE is "Stone Breath" Chromatic Resist -200, Cancel magic (9), 500 Dmg, 3 second stun. Should be 1-groupable with Elemental or better, and a bard of course.

A Dire Leech- Swamp of No Hope - Becomes "A Swamp Dragon" AE is "Swamp Breath" Poison resist -300 (Seemed harder to resist than this. I had Max resists and rarely resisted) 200 DMG + 300dmg/tick. 18 Poison counters. This one is harder than Mountain one.

Important Note about Plains Dragon and Forest Dragon. The Dragons AE is based off the center of YOUR TANK not the dragon itself, so position your tank on the oposite side of the dragon, Allowing your damage classes to stay out of the AE. Place healers in a group with a bard, who will play max MR. This is also Advisable for Any Melles, including your tank. Make SURE your tank has at least 2 insta-clickes or they will lose their HP buffs .

A Dire Griffon- North Karana- Becomes "A Plains Dragon". AE is "Thunder Breath" Which is listed at 1500 damage, but only seemed to hit me for 800ish. Resist Adjustment is -250 Magic, but I rarely fully resisted this. Important : Dispells 2 buff slots. MAKE SURE your tank has 2 insta-clickies, or his buffs will be dispelled, often leading to healing being too slow and tank dying. Is HIGHLY magic resist, and possibly a belly caster (Confirm?)

A Dire Kodiak - Jaggedpine Forest - Becomes "A Forest Dragon" Uses AE "Torrent Breath" Same as Thunder breath, but -250 COLD resist base. Wasn't that tough AFTER I figured out how to use the landscape to my advantage. You can use hills (NOT rocks sticking out of the ground, but actual hills, if you cant see the tank and you cast and it says "you cannot see your target" means you're safe from the AE) to hide your healers, place your tank on one side of the hill, and your healers on the other, Pull the dragon to the tank, again, make sure your tank has 2 INSTA CLICKIES or he'll lose his HP buffs and probably die. Your setup should look like this.

Healers --- Hill --- Tank-Dragon ------------ Ranged DPS

You can Hide with the healers to sing the Resist song for your Tank, and if your melee DPS wants to help (sometimes it's all you got) stick em with you too.

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