DoD 68.2 9PM

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DoD 68.2 9PM

Postby bill » Wed Aug 30, 2006 2:59 pm

Hi Folks, I will be on this evening and figured I would toss a little note out there that I am looking for a group to complete the 68.2 mission. If anyone can give me info about it I would appreciate it.

We would be gathering in either Stoneroot Falls or the Guild Hall depending if one is guilded or not.

It is fairly straightforward, kill 25 Drachnids then go bop Warlord Drellak. Every 20% of Drellak's health, his DPS supposedly drops.

Warlord Drellak has 1AE, with only a 20' range which is tiny but there isn't much room up at the top of that tower he lairs in.

Spell Info: Vile Web PB AE 20', Disease (-150)
1: Root
2: Decrease HP when cast by 600 (L1) to 670 (L70)
3: Decrease Hitpoints by 250 (L1) to 320 (L70) per tick
4: Increase Disease Counter by 9
5: Increase Disease Counter by 9

Sounds like I need:

Either drop me a note here or look for me around 8-9pm. Thanks!

If we move really fast maybe we can finish off the rest of the 68 arc but I don't want to be too ambitious, just getting this mission out of the way would make me happy!
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