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Postby Ayragon » Tue Jan 24, 2006 8:43 am

Ayragon has met raid assitance requirements ~Bill
Need this hit too, but have an incredibly hard time confirming playtime (except Tuesdays, currently have 1 day a week wife faction (new baby and all).) So this is mostly an informal request, queued behind the rest of the rangers at this point......Never know might get lucky one Saturday night (in more ways than one :thumbup )

Madokvaur wrote:Also ready for the Ranger Epic 1.5 Hit in the Bloodfields: Here is the strat I have. Similar to Kogath's above, but some differences:

The Bloodfields
Marshal Histeint

1. All other rangers at this point should put there seed in the bank before helping your fellow Ranger out. There may be a bug where someone else who is in your raid, and is at the same step, will get the blessing instead of you when you hail. It may have been fixed, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe.

2. Gather 3-5 groups depending on how well geared you are. (Elemental; 5 - Time; 3 - Anguish; 1-2) You will need standard tank/healing as well as a couple of mezzers and a MGB/group healer would be nice as well. A bard makes a fine puller for this, so I have been told.

3. The zone is made up primarily of 2 ovals connected in the middle. The western oval has a cluster of 3 small houses in the middle. The southernmost building of this cluster is where the gang spawns. Getting near the houses trigger the spawn and you should clear the area before hand. Send the rest of your raid in to that area to clear the houses and all the wandering mobs you can find nearby. Set up camp south of the southern house, out of aggro range. Now you go join the raid. Getting close will trigger the event.

The following mobs will spawn:

FROM OUR LAST ATTEMPT HERE, I BELIEVE EVERTHING IS MEZZABLE. Tank gets on the Marshall and Enchanters mez the rest. Kill Marshall, then kill the others EXCEPT for Grinbik. He is taken down slowly. I think this is very similar to the Final Ranger Epic 1.5 hit we just did for Valdamir

-Marshall Histient.
Red to 70. KOS. Sees invis. Hits for 1100 tops. Slowable with the GoD shaman slow only (Balance of the Nihil). Has 'Spirit Rend' AE (1500dd -300CR)
-An Eager Student x2
Lvl 70. KOS. Does not see invis. Hits for 1k. Snareable. Mezzable by chanter or bard. Slowable. They are also charmable if you are low on DPS and need them to beat on Marshall.
-An Enslaved Earthmover
Unsure about this mob. Probably mezzable. Possibly spits out adds slowly over the fight.
-Grinbik the Fertile
This is your guy. DO NOT KILL HIM.

When the Marshall dies, Grinbik will continue to fight till he gets to about 5% health. S-l-o-w-l-y drop his HP down until he becomes non agro. After he speaks, The Ranger does a Hail, and gets the blessing.

A chest with random 100hp attunable gear (should) spawn inside the building you pulled everything from.
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Postby Mechell » Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:37 am

Mechell has met raid assitance requirements ~Bill
Target: A Ruined Earthshaker
Location: RCoD
AE: Earthshaker (PBAE/KB/FD/Stun/760dmg/-275
MR/300Rng/20s Recast)
Resist: High Magic/Fire Resist
Hits: 1450
Raid Size: 4+ grps

Strat: Raid assembles (minus spawning Druid) at pos 125 neg 1800 in the set up room. It has 4-5 mobs in it that need to be killed. Once raid is assembled, CotH the druid. This will spawn the target who after 30s-1m
will kill all the spawns in the target room. They are on normal respawn timer. A ruined Earthshaker is teathered. Because of the PBFD it is important to remember to stand up after each blast. But count to two to give tank time to regain aggro. Once MT gains agro, then everyone else burns the sob to the ground. It is suggested that caster be within meele range of target.

Link to Strat site:
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Next hit before my final 1.5... thanks

Postby Harmfulbag » Sun Apr 16, 2006 3:10 pm

First i would like to THANK all that helped me today in Natimbi, and for letting a old and dear friend Kyyro along. Ky is like my big brother and I would be sad if he couldnt help me or at least be there to witness his lil sis growing up. Thanks Em darlin for runnin the lil 2 group raid for me i lobs ya baby. Dubba once again you were awesome in tankage. Many THANKS to all i didnt list.
Secondly, I would like to ask Zyzz to lead a raids for my final 2 hits, the next is in the RCoD.... and then my final in Kithicor Forest. I am open for times and days, just let me know when it a good time for you Zyzz. I would also like to ask that Rhamel have the honor of tanking for my hit in RCoD. It would be an honor and a pleasure to have as many of you there as possible. Zyzz i have a tank in mind for my final hit, but i need to get with you and him to set up a time since he is not guilded with TF and i would really like him there for the Final hit, if he can not assist because of his schedule then i would like Rhamel to the tank for that hit as well. I know i am asking alot here, but i normally dont ask for anything specific, i would rather go help others than help myself. Sinadar told me he would kick my butt if i didnt ask or post so Thanks Sin for pushing me forward to be a better druid and a better asset to TF.

Go to the Ruined City of Dranik. In the map look at the tunnels in the right, they are located kind of North East from Bloodfields zone in, go in until you get to first right, as soon as you go down the right path, you get an emote, its the next left, inside the room.
The emote says:

The ground shakes violently and a deep thudding sound rolls across the land.

A mob called A Ruined Earthshaker will spawn. He hits 1450 dmg and AE FDs. Take 3-5 groups (take more if necesary, especially if you're elemental gear or lower).

AE FD is Point Blank. Has a DD component that hits fro 760 damage. It's Magic Based with a resist adjust of -275. It has a range of 300. It also KBs (knocks back). So quick heals with a few mgb heals, and make sure your tank is always standing after AE FD so agro doesn't get screwed. Also, the golem memblurs itself during the fight so make sure your tank can get agro fast!

Once you kill him he will drop:
Chunk of Energized Clay

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Postby Emenite » Sun Apr 16, 2006 3:21 pm

Final 1.5 necro hit Noble Causeway

Okay i'm up to the final hit i need for my epic 1.5 thanks to a bunch of people helping me get my viarglug hit out of the way~THANK YOU ALL~.

I need a raid for Tarlang now.
is a bit of info on the mob

His raid form is triggered by me hailing the normal spawned one.

Off to Nobles Causeway to find Tarlang. If you don't have a tracker he is on the left path all the way left all the way to the end of the tunnel.

There are see invisability mobs on the way to him so if you plan on running there to check it out, be careful. Once you get to him, he is a blue con (or he should be if you are doing your epic 1.5 :p) and is a Kyv. If and only if you have completed all previous steps (including saying what power to Whiahdi in Natimbi!) he will ignore you. If you have said 'what power' to Whiahdi then hailing Tarlang will cause him to respawn as a red-to-70. His max hit on me was in the 3190's and he quadded (that means he max hits for 3190 each of four times in one round). He also has an AoE that is a melee/casting slow and a weak DoT. I took 29 GoD equipped people against him and could have done it with less. I suggest using DA before you hail him. He AoE you when you hail him, and I don't know many Necromancers who can stand up to a 3k quad.

Tarlang only stays up for 25 minutes after you spawn him and if you just spawn him to see if it works or fail and he despawns you MUST go back and tell Whiahdi 'what power' or Tarlang will ignore you as the blue con form! Also Tarlang is chain farmable much the same as Viarglug, but you must go back to Natimbi each time to spawn him again. I good idea would be to bind in Nobles Causway and get a TL to Natimbi and the gate back.

~~As of the patch on September 16, Tarlang rampages and flurries. Be aware of these new, and potentualy deadly, ability. If he agroes you first when you spawn him, you will be the rampage tank, so make sure at least two people tag him and you feign death to loose rampage.~~
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