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Postby Serano » Wed Jul 19, 2006 12:26 pm

There is a quest that requires looting the essence from each of the four elemental gods. UNFORTUNATLY ---- they don't drop it every time. Waystin paid DKP for the loot from fire and then the one from earth dropped. So - while there is VERY little to gain by killing xegony EXCEPT 1/4 of a time flag - and air flag for anyone that didn't clearn pop thru Rallos - it is essentially a quest hit for Waystin...

that is what we are discussing.

In the end now days the results of the four essences are not that steller - but if Waystin can't use ANY of them he can turn the item in and get a 100% wt redux coin bag. coin bag - so it also drops coin weght as well as items in the bag.
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