cleric chardok hit & final fight thingy

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cleric chardok hit & final fight thingy

Postby Erikochan » Thu Jan 26, 2006 9:13 am

Sup Tribals :)

I have 2 hits left for epic 1, and as some of you have already noticed while grouping with me, rez + conv bitchslaps me into medding submission (a whopping 2000 mana) , and I'd finally like to solve that problem. My epic has been gathering dust for months now :cry

* The chardok one can easily be done with 1 group, although more people are ofcourse welcome to join up. We can do a round of prince/king/herbalist/whatever people need who want to come along.

* The final fight, Zordak Ragefire in Skyfire zone, is 6-12 players doable, but I prefer to nudge towards 2 full groups even if that means overkill. This because failure results in a lot of farming work down the drain.

It goes without saying that if people need my help for epic quests, I'm there for them, provided ofcourse that you have your epic hit info at the ready and we can go into ganking overdrive :thumbup
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