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Pretty Please

Postby morbi » Sun Jan 01, 2006 4:00 am

I need a group to help complete my tier one DoN stuff. Not only would I love the aa' but it was also nice to have the the collection missions are a back-up plan while i wait for a group.

How about Sunday around 8pm pst? One group one mission that is all.

Here is quest info.

This is one of the first "real" missions that you will complete. As soon as you have your valiant party gathered and are ready to attempt this round them up and get the task and make your way to the enterance to Tirranun's Delve in the Broodlands. The instanced zone in can be found at location +906, -1618, its a cave on the side of the hill towards the northeast part of the zone.

Once you zone in, if you have the current maps (they can be found at Your map will look simular to the one posted to the side. (Clicking on it will display a larger version)

Note: The red/yellow dots will not appear if you have just downloaded the maps. These are additions made by me to indicate spawns. Yellow dots indicate Goblin Guard locations, and the yellow dot indicates the Goblin Taskmaster's Spawn.

Once you zone in you have alittle work to do. You must locate Tirranun's Letter. Naturally this is held on the Goblin Taskmaster. He will not spawn the moment you zone in. You will need to make him spawn. This is simply done by killing everything that you can. Upon each goblin's death it has a chance to emote " The goblin falls before being able to sound the alarm". It took me about 4-5 emotes of that before one was finally able to "alert" the taskmaster which in return made him spawn. You will know the text because it will be a yellow emote and will include the following text "As the Delvian falls to the ground you can hear a siren going off. Your presence has been made known. Quickly find the Goblin Task Master for the information you seek". He can be found on the map on the yellow dot. I recommend when you kill him that you kill him inside the big open room he spawns in and keep away from where the guards spawn. He is no harder then that other mobs in the zone in terms of damage, is partially slowable. The only difference is he has about 4 times the hit points of the average mob. Once he is dead you will be able to loot Letter from Tirranun. Upon looting this your task will be updated indicateing that you must kill 9 Goblin Guards, and make your way to the enterance. Once again refer to the map above for Goblin Guard locations, they spawn 3 per area and can be mixed with the normal zone spawns. There easily mezzable so if you have some form of crowd control you should have no problem. There same as the rest of the mobs in the zone in terms if difficulty. Upon killing the 9 and makeing your way to the zone out you will have your task completed and recieve the following message:

I know this is not great exp or great loot, but there is some exp and 33 ebon and it just a little bit of time to complete.
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