I have begun my epic 1.5

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I have begun my epic 1.5

Postby Forco » Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:20 am

I am at a point where I need 1 group to come to Vexd with me
Once I do the turn in;

This gives you an invisible flag. Bring a group to Vxed, and three Blackfall Borerlings will spawn around the zone. The first one spawns near zone-in at -3250, -750 and has line-of-sight aggro. The second one is along the left path from zone-in: head straight at the first intersection until the path ends, then go left (location needed). The third one is located down the path along the right path from zone-in, just before crossing the bridge as though you were heading toward the NPC to win the trial (location needed). Once all three Borerlings are dead, you'll see a zonewide emote (text needed) saying that the beast is awaiting you up the hill. It is partially slowable and hits for 1100 max. Loot a Vial of Blackfall Blood.

If anyone has any info on this zone, or wants to come let me know.
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