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Postby Getaphix » Mon Dec 05, 2005 4:40 pm

I am ready for my final fight for the druid epic 1.5. I know there are people ahead of me but I just wanted to get this out.

Purpose: Druid Epic 1.5 (Final Fight)
Location: Kithicor Forest (lakeside)
Mob: Blackened Dryad -
Raid force: 4 – 6 groups

Fight begins on the north side of the lake in the SE corner of the zone. I read somewhere that mob only pops between half past the hour and the top of the hour RL time ( I don’t know if that is true or not). There are three stages to this fight:

1) Blackened Treant – This guy has high magic resistance and immune to run speed changes. Hits for up to 900 and has a single target rampage. On the pluss side, he does not summon.

2) Blackened Branch – Think of the Munchkins with a little bit of an attitude. 8-10 of these little buggers will spawn upon the death of the Blackened Treant. These guys only hit for around 300 and are snareable and rootable. Kill all but the final Branch so everyone can re-form and get ready for the final mob.

3) Blackened Dryad – will spawn upon the death of the final Branch. BD is around Lvl 75 and has a lot of HPs. She hits for around 1400 and has a single target rampage. Also casts an AE, Withering Glare which is unresistable and knocks down STR, DEX and ATK by 500pts (might be a good time to use Infusion of the Devoted to regain stats quickly). Also, all players should have SoE, Levi, DMF or at least be on a mount to avoid movement issues upon losing stats.

I am after the drop Blackened Earth. A chest should pop as well.
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