Final 2 hits for Enchanter 2.0

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Final 2 hits for Enchanter 2.0

Postby Bearmerfudd » Sun Sep 02, 2007 3:35 am

Requesting raid for final 2 mobs for Enchanter 2.0
Usually on between 4:00pm to 12:00am PST [can logon earlier]

the mobs are
1.) Withering Murkglider [linked here] - NC Raid ':help'

...We had Warr (3500ac 21khp), clr, rng, bst, enc (box), mag (box), clr (box), shm (box). We tanked him down until each set of adds (79%, 59%, 39%, 19% - 3 adds per wave). I kept Lassitude on Vorac during the fight for the adds. Popped Vortex Blade when adds popped then chanter atttemped to mez. We killed the adds one by one (Vorac tanking them and everyone else ranging to avoid the AE). Once the adds were dead we boght the named down to the next set of adds and did a rinse/repeat. We did have to reclear the wandering bazu and murk during the fight. All in all it went pretty smoothe.

2.) Cipheron [linked here] - WoS Raid Encounter :thumbup

The smallest force we killed him with was 12 or 13 pps, we are a COA geared guild.
Just have a few tanks to work the FD agro and your golden. We usually take 3 - 4 groups for the event, I like overkill!


their ya have it... should be a snap...
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