Last 1.5 Hit, RcoD, Wed Aug 8th

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Last 1.5 Hit, RcoD, Wed Aug 8th

Postby Flarren » Tue Aug 07, 2007 1:10 am

Wed Aug 8th around 8pm Mountain time

Sverins Fireskin spawns and needs to be killed he spawns golem adds every 20 to 30 seconds these can be mezzed

Uisima also spawns and needs to be tanked mezzed NOT KILLED

When Sverin is dead we bring Uisima down to around 10 percent and i do a hand in

Step 13: One Last Fight

Bring a raid to the Ruined City of Dranik. Head north from zone-in and turn right when you reach the east-west valley. Up the slope is an entrance to a courtyard with many snakes and a red /con ogre called Krekk Brimblade (part of the warrior epic 1.5). North of the courtyard is the entrance to a fort. Have your raid clear the west wing of the fort then back out to the entrance. When ready, you should head in to +1400, -900, causing Sverins Fireskin and Uisima Lord of the Depths to spawn (need levels and fight info).

Similarly to the previous two fights, keep Uisima busy via off-tanking or kiting and kill Sverins Fireskin, who procs Matter Dispersal and spawns mezzable/snareable/slowable adds called "An Earthbound Golem." Once Sverins is dead, slowly take Uisima down to low health until he respawns as non-KoS.

You say, 'Hail, Uisima Lord of the Depths'

Uisima Lord of the Depths says 'It is good to be free again. Thank you for your help. Now, let us forget the past, for that is the only way that I shall be able to regain my life. Let us look into your future and the future of your friend the treant. I must somehow make amends for the pain that I have caused him. Please let me see the heartwood in which he now resides.'

Give it the Red Dogwood Heartwood.

Uisima Lord of the Depths holds the wood for a while, peering into the smooth grains. After a few moments he speaks. 'We are in agreement, the treant and I. You have been my savior and his creator. There seems only one way to repay your efforts on our behalf.' Uisima holds the heartwood at arm's length and breathes lightly to it. You feel as much as hear the treant sigh with pleasure at the feel of the breath. You too feel the breeze brush our face and in it you understand what is happening. Uisima is freeing the wood and the treant inside to take a shape of its choosing. The wood grows, changing shape to become something more than it was, Uisima hands the wood back to you. 'The Red Dogwood treant is a rare creature, gentle in spirit but strong in conviction. He says that he is honored to serve you in this fashion. Take this wood and form around it a blade made of the finest silver. We both thank you but I must go now or I might be captured once again.'

Uisima despawns and you receive Wind-blessed Heartwood. A chest may spawn with additional loot. Combine the Wind-blessed Heartwood and Block of Purest Silver in a fletching kit to craft the Heartwood Blade, a.k.a. ranger epic 1.5. You also receive 5 AAs and access to your new epic title, Earthguard.
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