cleric 1.5 final hit (wakening lands)

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cleric 1.5 final hit (wakening lands)

Postby Jamjum » Sun Jun 24, 2007 11:00 am

Jamjum is ready to take on the final raid fight for his 1.5

This will take place in Wakening Lands.

I will hand 3 brains to Plavo, at which point he despawns and the Dark Disciple Master spawns in his place.

At about 60% plavo's specter spawns, and will need to be offtanked.

At about 30% 6 (sometimes more) skeletal minions will spawn and add, these can be tanked or kited as needed.

The following info copied from the guide on


Dark Disciple Master (Human in Robe)
AE = Deady Chants = -1500 Mana Pool + 100DoT(Tick) = 18 Seconds Apart
Max Hit 1-2k
Slowable : Yes (Very Resistant)
Messable : No
Rampage : Yes
Flurry : No

Plavo's Remains (Specter)
Spawns at 60%
Max Hit 1k
Slowable : Yes
Messable : No
Rampage : No
Flurry : Yes

Minion of the Master(Skeletons)
Spawns at 30% : 6 Minions(can be up to 10)
Max Hit 700
Slowable : Yes
Messable : No
Snareable : Yes
Rampage : No
Flurry : No

Spawns at 10%: Chest - Can use /open or Rogue to Pick, or just attack and destroy.
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