Pally 1.5 Mujaki hit - 4/2/07 9pm EDT

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Pally 1.5 Mujaki hit - 4/2/07 9pm EDT

Postby Kathar » Sun Apr 01, 2007 2:26 pm

This is the first of the final 4 hits for my 1.5 involving:

the Shade of Mujaki the Devourer in the Plane of Nightmare (24-person max raid). Find Etumer near the city area. You may need to be raid leader and group leader when speaking to Etumer. Follow the dialogue and then have each group leader say "I am ready." The group will be teleported into the raid area near the stage, where Mujaki the Devourer waits, untargetable.

In three directions away from the stage are three large gravestones. Post a group at each grave, as they are the spawning point for 4-7 waves of mobs called "a servant of Mujaki" and "a helot of Mujaki." Kill these until at some point Mujaki becomes targetable. He is level 70 with a 150 DD AE called Devouring Nightmare and a Fear Proc (resistable, Magic -300) called Instill Nightmare. Kill him and the Shade of Mujaki the Devourer will spawn: it is level 80, AE rampages, with the same spells as above. Once it's dead, loot the shard and a chest may pop with additional loot.

Upon reading Alla - it looks like I'll only need about 6-12 peeps for this (of course, the more the merrier up to 24). The spawns are not that plentiful - only 1-2 per wave, and at lvl 75 we definately put out a lot more damage than when this first became active. So, with at least 1 cleric, a slower, some DPS and assorted Pally's, SK's and Necro's (those with undead spells), this should be pretty easy.

AND, if it goes fast, maybe we can tackle the Vxed hit right afterward :-), another 24 ppl max instance raid that reads pretty easy.

That would only leave one small hit for me before my final WoS Raid hit...
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Postby Bilnick » Sun Apr 01, 2007 2:36 pm

Count me in!
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Postby Meso » Sun Apr 01, 2007 9:00 pm

:riding: :thumbup
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Postby Wamadoorn » Mon Apr 02, 2007 8:52 am

I should be online to help with this tonight.
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