Mage 2.0 hits

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Mage 2.0 hits

Postby urtasil » Sat Mar 10, 2007 10:16 am

Alot of talk about best classes and most dps and so. But Sony think mages have the most friends so need raid force for 2-3 hits for my 2.0

Chaos Elemental (Level 75) – Dreadlands (Six - Eight Groups)

Spawns on the northeastern spire of the city, within sight of wizard or druid spires.

MELEE: Quad 2700's.

This will require a full raid force, at least 40. First off, I must point out two spells he uses before I go any farther.

Chaos Affliction

1: Decrease Spell Haste by 50%
2: Limit: Min Casting Time(10.00 sec)
3: Decrease ATK by 200
4: Decrease Hitpoints by 200 per tick
5: Increase Curse Counter by 16
6: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed

Resist: Prismatic (-350)

Chaos Epidemic

1: Charm up to level 0
2: Increase Curse Counter by 18

Resist:Magic (-900)

The best way to start this is to kite him and fully debuff him – He is unsnarable, but moves very slow. The other night i was outrunning him by a good distance with just Run 3, nothing more. Cripple is especially important as it will lessen the amount of times he procs the charm when wailing on people. He doesnt start summoning till 96% hp.

This charm has a successive proc on it – Meaning, your main tank will get charmed, and he will turn around and charm whomever he hits, and they charm who they hit, and so forth. The number of people charmed grows faster and faster as the time goes on, and it procs quickly.

The secret to this fight, and best catch for winning, is that the charm only procs on a successful hit. When you get ready to kite him towards the raid and engage, the tank should immediately click a riposte disc to hold agro, and not get charmed. It will keep the elemental busy, and not charming people, for the duration of the disc. As agro switches, anytime someone gets hit they pop riposte as well.

With increased cast duration, healers will have to work out a method to keep the tank up, possibly with fast heals, or just RGC and get it removed (I dont know that much about cleric things =) )

Then, i suggest going an all out DPS/Disc fight, extreme DPS to burn him down. His hp isnt that high, The dps of the raids that attempt it just slow amazingly as more and more get charmed.

At the end, he dies.

He drops the epic piece Element of Chaos, and a 2.0 chest will spawn.

Order Elemental (Level 75) – Halls of Honor
( 4 Groups )

This elemental is directly south of the Halls of Honor B zone in - In the building with some undead. You'll probably need to clear from the first room down, so about 10 mobs is all in the way. Basic setup is buff up the raid, save an MGB clarity for engage.

He has approximately 500k Hit points (I know Allas says different, its wrong =) ), hits for 2700, average hit is 960, AE rampages. Pretty low attack.

The only problem is one AE


1: Reverse Damage Shield(-10)
3: Decrease HP when cast by 800
4: Hitpoints unknown calc: 122 range: 1 -> 0

The AE cancels out C7 every ten minutes, so you just have an enchanter MGB Clarity 6 seconds after it goes off (The duration)

On a side note, It has a High MR (full debuffs to get MR check slows on; DR slows work fine).

The rest is just a dps fight, and shouldnt last more than a couple minutes depending on the groups - Rampage goes off fairly slow, so its not a huge issue. Burn it down and loot up.

We didnt fight him in his room, however... He spawns to the side of the room, not in the middle. We went ahead and set up camp in the room before him, and had a tank pull him to a corner and pop defensive. Fight was an open raid with mostly anguish geared - Three groups. Fight lasted... less than the tanks defensive disc. G'luck =)

Spirit Elemental Crypt of Decay

Take a few groups to the northwestern-most room of Carprin's area in the Crypt of Decay. Here, the Spirit Elemental will spawn. It hits for about 1000 and procs the spell Spiritual Possession, a single-target charm. Kill it and loot the Element of Spirit.
Spell Info: Spiritual Possession Single Target, Magic (-1000)
1: Charm up to level 0
2: Increase Hitpoints by 250 per tick
3: Increase Max Hitpoints by 10000
4: Increase Attack Speed by 99%
5: Increase Magic Resist by 500
6: Increase AC by 90
7: Increase Poison Counter by 99
8: Increase Poison Counter by 99
9: Increase Poison Counter by 99
10: Increase Poison Counter by 99
11: Increase Poison Counter by 99
12: Increase Poison Counter by 99
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