second hit in dragon necropolis

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second hit in dragon necropolis

Postby murrowl » Fri Feb 02, 2007 5:17 pm

have read up on it and would like to do DN1 and DN2 back to back if available here are strats for DN2

Heres some infoz:
After handing Larantic the Blackened Bone, zone into DN with 40 of your closest friends (it can be done with less, but i suggest high numbers). When you zone in, Vesthon will spawn along with 3 Human mobs, and 4 skeleton mobs that will con red at location +1277, -1051 and will be encircling the bones of Hsagra. All 7 of the mobs will have 2 minions, the minions of the human mobs will not be mezzable and the minions of the skeleton liches will be mezzable. The liches are non-aggro until you do 20% damage to them while the minions are KoS. If you try to pull the minions away and leash them, they hit harder each time they get leashed. So you can end up with mobs that hit for 20000 damage if you leash them enough. In addition if you kill a lich's minions the lich will respawn them and they will attack you again. Here's the general strategy my guild came up with for doing this encounter:

1. You must do the entire encounter close to the circle or the mobs will leash and kill you. Have a paladin run into the center of the circle with DA on to draw all the minions onto him. Have the enchanters AE mezmerize and all the minions. All of them will mez but 6, the ones from the human liches. Have rangers/paladins get aggro on the minions and offtank them because if you kill them the lich will respawn them immediately. Have the rest of the raid kills the 3 human model liches one at a time. The liches will not aggro or hit back until they are about 80% health, so kill one at a time. When you kill a lich, its minions despawn.

2. After you have slayed all 3 of the human model liches, all the mobs will be mezzable and you can rez/rebuff quickly, but it must be fast since the event is on a timer and will despawn. When ready, start slaying the skeleton model liches in the same fashion as the human ones, one lich at a time.

3. When the 4th skeleton model lich is slayed, Vesthon will immediately aggro the raid and casts the following AE: ... ource=Live so be sure to have everyone get tribunal and have AE PR/DR up. It is cureable by pureblood and RC.

4. When Vesthon is slayed the dragon bones will animate and form Oshiruk and immediately aggro the raid. Oshiruk AE rampages for 1300ish. In addition it casts this AE: ... ource=Live which is unresistable. So you'll have to do this part of the fight ranged like Fennin Ro or the Primal Arachnid. Slay Oshiruk and loot the orb.

Hope this helps as the info around the web on this encounter is sparse and we had to basically work from scratch to figure this out.
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Postby Naiin » Fri Feb 02, 2007 5:24 pm

Been there done that.. holla when you doin it.
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Postby Serano » Sat Feb 03, 2007 12:35 am

When is this man? Got the strat - thats great. BUt what good is it doing anyone without a timeline? Are you asking peeps to help you every time you log on or did you have a day in mind?
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