dragon necropolis 1.5 event hit

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dragon necropolis 1.5 event hit

Postby murrowl » Tue Jan 23, 2007 12:33 am

1.5 event hit in dragon necropolis
Hsagra`s Shade will despawn, starting the event, which includes:

Once you have all three, bring a few groups and go find Hsagra's Shade at the eastern end of the zone (location needed), surrounded by twelve level-68+ chetari (need exact names). Clear the room of everything but the shade. Beware the swarming beetle trap on the right side of the room. Once ready, give the shade the Dragon Wing Bone, Dragon Claw Bone, Dragon Tail Bone and Cracked Dragon Bone.

after turn in and dialog event starts
Hsagra`s Shade will despawn, starting the event, which includes:

1 x Vesthon Marijakin (69+, named), hits for 800, unknown hp (exact amount needed), despawns after approximately three minutes
3 x A Lumbering Zombie (69+), hits for 800, and has 150,000 hp
4 x A Mercenary Guard (69+), hits for 800, and has 60,000 hp
3 x A Marijakin Acolyte (69+), hits for 850, and has 50,000 hp

The three zombies spawn immediately. After 10-15 seconds, you see:
mercenaries spawn also at unconfirmed time when they dead we get
The mercenaries spawn.

At 20% health, Vesthon turns into Vesthons Draconic Abomination.
kill her and loot piece for turn in

i work 2 weeks on and two weeks off on the north slope of alaska so between the 26th of january and the 9th of february any date i am available i'm not pushy so anytime in there is fine if the help is willing..
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Postby Serano » Tue Jan 23, 2007 2:32 am

In other words - peeps would really like to help you with your hit.

There are two goodways to get your hit. Either put your name in line or schedule it.

But posting the thread without a show time reallymakes it hard forpeeps to help you.
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