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Assistant Researcher's Symbol

Postby Lyannah » Mon Jan 15, 2007 8:21 pm

Discord Skins Samples Quest

Thought I'd post this here for all you peeps unaware of this quest. Most of the mobs are fairly easily soloable for just about everyone, some of them require a little help (which I'm hoping to get by posting this here and inspiring peeps). Currently the zun tongues are on rot status, but there is a queue for tunats tongue. Anyway heres the deal:

Hail Alexsa Whyte in Abysmal Sea (in same room as mage when you zone in) to get Vaifan's Pocket Sampling Device - combine distilled salts and a tongue from each type of mob in GoD to make a sample. Return all the low end tongues first and you receive a book. Then you can turnin zun and tunat tongue for final reward linked below.

Distilled Salt drops on white sand beaches in natimbi - respawn of salt is 20mins iirc.

[] A Kyv Sample - Natimbi, Qinimi, Vxed, Yxtta
[] A Mastruq Sample - Barindu, Ikkinz 1-4, Natimbi, Riwwi, Tacvi
[] A Noc Sample - Ferubi, Natimbi, Qinimi, Riwwi
[] A Ra'tuk Sample - Barindi, Natimbi, Qinimi, Riwwi
[] An Aneuk Sample - Barindu, Ferubi, Kod'Taz, Qvic, Riwwi, Txevu
[] An Ikaav Sample - Ikkinz 1-3, Kod'Taz, Qinimi, Txevu
[] An Ixt Sample - Ikkinz 1-4, Kod'Taz
[] An Ukun Sample - Natimbi, Qinimi, Kod'Taz
[] Zun'muram Sample - Ferubi, Txevu, Tacvi
[] Tunat'Muram Sample - Tacvi

I recommend camping qinimi and natimbi for as many as you can, KT is a PITA for those less solo-capable

Reward is: Assistant Researcher's Symbol

Camping these tongues is somewhat of an epic mission, they are not exactly common drop - although they seem to drop with more frequency in higher end zones. So this should give some of you something to do when your bored and sitting on lfg for hours and don't wanna TS. And if you wanna form some tongue farm groups in KT or ikky trials let me know :thumbup
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