Some time in the next couple months :)

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Some time in the next couple months :)

Postby tenor » Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:56 pm

I am in no hurrry but I would like to get a 2 group at least, solid group to take out some of the minor epic hits If Available on Moneday November 20th at 9:30 est or later I love to have some help. IF only one group is available perhaps an mpg instead :). anyhow the mobs are light blue to me but they change to a dragon at 80% are a bit nasty I could not solo it, they summon. Here are the mobs that are going down:

A Dire Panda stonebrunt mountains
500dd stun + 1 dispell
has 320000hp
highly fire magic resistan even with tash and malo
disease/poison lands well

A Dire Leech in Swamp of no hope
hits for 1800
ae 200dd + 200 a tic dot, no dispell this time, posion/diseas resist a must
has 320000hp
fire/ice land well

A Dire Kodiak in Jagged Pine Forest
hits for 1600
ae1500 knockbac + 2 slot dispell (ice resist a must
ae ramp hits for 1600 to all in range
enrages/flurry rampages I assume

With each mob I tried to solo I got to 80% was winning then it turn into a dragon and beat the snot out of me. Was able to get it to 70% on most of the Dire mobs. After the fight the dragon was still by my corpse defiling it. They have no good qualities nothing to redeam so they must die. They will die to make the land free again.
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