Wiz 1.5 Epic

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Wiz 1.5 Epic

Postby zeilphyn » Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:22 pm

Girplan Guardian in WoS

Located along cliff wall up from where 'cubbies' are located. Here's a strat from Alla, seems like they pulled him to portal cave for fight:

First of all, this mob does not quad, he quintuples (5x) for 2400 dmg
(12100 / round) and rampages aproximately every 4 or 5 seconds. Rampage attack is AE hitbox and also quintuple.

Main tank: Unbuffed: 10khp / 2200ac / 15% shielding / max defensives
Backup Tank: Unbuffed: 11khp / 2350ac / 17% shielding / max defensives

Two clerics and druid were assigned healing on MT.
All other paladin/priests were assigned to keep their group alive (AE Rampage) and patch heal MT.

AE spell damage negated by MGB's (all stack, but not with same class type)

5 Cleric chain MGB Heal over time (max aa) 400/tick heal
2 Druids MGB HoT during fight (max aa) 400/tick
Shaman MGB HoT half way during fight (max aa) 400/tick

Main tank was two rounded towards end of fight due to the 4000dd proc. Our main hurdle was overcoming simple dps due to the nature of the AE's. Melee dps need to watch their health carefully from the AE rampage and duck out of fight for heals as needed.

We set up in portal room west of cubby camp and pulled mob there, main tank positioned in doorway sorta. There is a corner there which faces north that is easy to tank in.
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Postby bill » Mon Nov 06, 2006 12:46 pm

Please read this:




Then read this:


Locking this thread, if you have any questions Zeil, please PM Serano or myself.
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