You know you play EQ too much, when... (long)

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You know you play EQ too much, when... (long)

Postby Jaella » Tue May 02, 2006 4:18 am

I absolutely HAD to share this with you guys:

You know you play Everquest too much when..........

You look at your dog and ask for a SoW.

you see the lightning bugs out in your front yard during the summer and think 'I wonder if it will drop a 'GLS'

You go to the zoo and wonder what the lions con to you.

When driving through rush-hour traffic, you wonder why you didn't bind at home so you could just gate back.

You glimpse roadkill on the highway and wonder if anyone's looted it yet.

Well, I'd like to Lend you that CD but it's no-drop...

When driving along at dusk you want to see if the car in the distance is a cop so you mentally try to target them.

Your wife/girl friend's 'con' goes from warmly to scowls..

You see that your friend has a new outfit on, and ask for the stats, and if it can be worn by 'small races'.

when sitting in your living room with your family, you get up to go to the bathroom, and tell them "afk for a min".

When you actually say "LoL" to a freinds joke instead of laughing at it.

You drive past a cop and wonder if you aggroed him.

After hearing a funny joke you say "ROFL"

Your cat sits in an empty laundry basket for hours, and you think that he must be camping the rare some_warm_clean_laundry01 spawn.

You are waiting for the lunch hour to come around and chanting "You are hungry. You are thirsty. You are out of food and drink."

When someone cuts you off in traffic and all you can think about is PvP and that guys face on the head of a newbie.....

You don't go to the doctors any more, you go to the church and ask the priest for a Cure Disease.

When you complain about low baking skill after a burnt dinner...

When you travel to your grandfathers birthplace hoping he'll return to his "bindpoint" after death.

When you shout for a res for your grandfather.

When you see you received a pay cut and shout "I'VE BEEN NERFED!!!"

You start to auction things in your office: "WTS a rusty knife, send tells please"

You roll over after sex and say, "Out Of Mana".

When you buy something at the store and tell the clerk: "the label said it was only 2 platinum"

You refer to pennies as copper pieces.

Go to a casino and see the people playing slot machines. You think to your self, "That's not fair! They can't camp 2 and 3 of those at a time!"

You're driving in your car and thinking: "Wow, this is one big zone!"

Thinking to yourself, my wife is mad, maybe i should befriend her.

You know that you can start one load of laundry, vacuum the living room, and get a drink from the kitchen in the time it takes to go from OOM to FM.

You're saying goodbye to a friend and think /wave

Preface all actions in your mind with /em

You see the little rich kid at school with a new SRV and think 'man I hate twinks!'

You stop dreaming about being a superhero... but being level 60 and how cool that would be...

You tell your dog to '/guard here' instead of stay.

You wish you had an allience spell for your wife.

You consider selling your car so you can afford a DSL link, a new GForce 2 and a new processor... Because you only drive twice a day...

you start drinking milk for the first time in years... because it's only 3cp.

When you're waiting on your printjob to come out and there are several people standing there ahead of you, you're thinking "they must be camping the printer spawn"

When you call your wife by her Eq name in complete seriousness.. or real-life friends who play... "Hi Gornak.. erm.. Bob.. sorry"

When those loaves of summoned bread start looking really tasty.

Your boss starts looking like an Orc Pawn

You can "forage" on your computer desk and find something edible.

You start saying things like, "hail a co-worker"

You care more about your main character's appearance than your own

When you try to MemBlur your wife to avoid a fight and instead find the divorce papers.

Your non-EQ friend does not stop by for a week because he assumed you were asleep, since there were no lights on at your house.

When you are watching a program about Stonehenge on the Discovery Channel and you can't help thinking: They know nothing about Druids at all do they?

You actually do name your dog Jobotik and then get frustrated when he won't respond to /pet sit down, never mind /pet follow me.

Your desktop wallpaper is a screenshot of anywhere in the game, and you constantly try to move using the arrow keys........real annoying.

Driving along, see the sign that says "Entering Charlotte" ....and actually expecting to see "LOADING, PLEASE WAIT" and zone.

/con boss "Your boss looks like a reasonably safe opponent."

or when you are thinking...
"a stupid client has been slain"
You Gain Experience!
Your faction standing with boss goes down.
Your faction standing with co-workers goes up.

When you start messages to coworkers with "Hail," and respond affirmatively with "Aye."

You're going to visit someone and they ask if you know how to get there. You tell them that if you get lost, you'll just find a wall and follow it to the zone.

A rude customer is nagging you and you say "forwardslash ignore!"

At work when you meet up with real-life EQ friends you talk about EQ for hours and dont get any work done.

When you log off after a 6-8hour day of playing EQ, you get ready for bed and you sit in your bed and say "Camp will prepare in 30 seconds"

When you can have a conversation with your spous while you are playing and have absolutely no clue what the two of you just talked about because you were busy killing the Froglok Executioner

When you actully fire up a spreadsheet at work and make a list of all the equipment you still plan to get and what it's effects on your stats will be

When you are having nightmares about EQ

When you try to explain the game to someone without using all kinds of EQ-terminology and simply are not able to

You look for your cat on the tracking list.

You go to the swimming pool and worry about forgetting your fishbone earring.

When your dog is whining at the door to go out, you think - "Should I mez him to buy some time?"

When you look up at the co-work who just entered your office and wonder why you don't see a name floating above his head..

When you get invited to an Efreeti run, and you turn down sex & sleep to go along.

When you look at your co-workers and wonder what class / race they'd be in EQ.

When you use excel more to calculate how to get the most mana (..if I trade this 7 int necklace for this 55 mana one, I can then equip the stein....) more than to do your real work.

You'd day dream what the prices will be at the supermarket if only your charisma was higher.

You answer the phone with "Hail" and try to cover it up with "lo".. "Hail-lo?"

You wonder just what kind of loot the security guards at the mall would drop, and what their spawn time is...

You're outside and you look up at the sky and think.. "DAMN, now thats some good resolution"

When you see a bum sleeping on the street and try to right-click on it.

When you go to the bank, ignore the line, and try to mentally right-click on one of the tellers.

When you visit a night club you think, Damn everyone is more twinked than me.

You enter your local shopping mall...
Once inside you shout:
"WTS Robe of the Oracle AC 9, +5 int, +5 wis, +25 mana, weight 2, pure casters only, 900pp"
And then when a bunch of people start looking at you funny, you then get frustrated and shout:
"Serious inquiries only!"

Mostly, When your driving to a town (a few towns from home) and you start to look for a good and safe place to bind.

When you say 'Nod' to someone in response to them telling you something.

(I've actually done some of these things, but don't tell anyone) :razz
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