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Don't forget to nap

Postby Cpt. Sandy Vagina » Tue Aug 09, 2005 3:37 pm

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Postby bill » Wed Aug 10, 2005 1:20 pm

Nightmares: Bishop of Battle
Producer: Universal
Release Date: 1983
Starring: Emilio Estevez, Mariclare Costello, Louis Giambalvo, James Tolkan (voice of the Bishop of Battle)

Nightmares was a decidedly unscary quartet of short stories put together in the tradition of such classics as The Twilight Zone and Creepshow. The three other tales in this collection dealt with a psychopathic killer (is there any other kind?), a truck from hell, and a giant rat that invaded a suburban household. Our focus, naturally, is on video games, so only one nightmare is relevant: the Bishop of Battle. In this short story, the teenaged J. J. Cooney is "the best there ever was" at video games. Instead of working, he hustles naïve gamers at arcades around Los Angeles by challenging them to a high-score contest at the coin-op classic Pleiades. Apparently, J. J.'s only goal in life is to get to level 13 of a mysterious arcade game called "Bishop of Battle." The game is simple: Run around a two-dimensional maze shooting vector-based enemies. Bishop of Battle doesn't have a fire button but instead has a plastic gun with a trigger (this is senseless from a gameplay point of view but critical for the story). J. J.'s fixation leads to his alienation from his friends and parents. Concerned for him, his father bans J. J. from the local mall's arcade, but J. J. breaks in later that evening for "one more game." He defeats the game, which promptly explodes. Vector-based aliens are soon flying around the arcade, and the cabinet's plastic gun suddenly shoots lasers. After destroying the arcade in a shootout, J. J. flees to the mall's parking garage. There he is confronted (and eaten!) by the Bishop of Battle himself, a giant floating head. When he is missed the next day, a search begins. Lo and behold, J. J. is now trapped inside the video game itself, running and shooting into infinity.

The gameplay resembles the tank battle in the Tron arcade game (only with worse graphics and pitiful sound), while the game's name and boss seem inspired by Wizard of Wor. You gotta love the film's cinematography: Seeing J. J. staring obsessively at the screen is worth the price of a rental. Fortunately, we've included a screenshot for you.

Memorable Line:
"That machine's made you into some kind of fiend!" - Previously supportive nerdy friend to J. J., warning him that his obsession was becoming dangerous.

Umm, there was NO screenshot provided btw
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