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This was originally posted by Donthorn Shotokan in the Creations Myth Forum. I REFUSE to let something this funny die with that doomed guild.
You have now entered Rivendell

Gandalf says: Ach! Damn it!
Elrond says: Gandalf! Where did you come from? ... You're naked.
Gandalf says: Stupid halflings who can't play their class, that's what happened.
Elrond says: What? Where?
Gandalf says: Moria. We were in the safe hall at Balin's Tomb and Aragorn was going to pull some orcs to clear the way to the zoneout.
Elrond says: Which halfling messed it up? Frodo?
Gandalf says: No, it was Pippin. I didn't even want to bring him along but Frodo did insist. Aragorn was going to pull some orcs but out comes Pippin to 'see what Aragorn was doing' and manages to aggro half the zone.
Elrond says: So you got wiped out by a horde of orcs? Yuck.
Gandalf says: Oh, no. They were green to most of us, so we cut through them all right. I was impressed by Legolas' bow crits. But then the Cave Troll got aggroed.
Elrond says: But there were nine of you, you could have handled the cave troll.
Gandalf says: Oh, and we did. Except Frodo didn't know how to manage aggro properly. The troll started beating on him.
Elrond says: Oh, no. Poor Frodo.
Gandalf says: No, actually, Frodo was fine. He had a mithril chain tunic on.
Elrond says: Jeez, just because he's friends with Bilbo, does Bilbo have to twink him like that?
Gandalf says: Yeah, no kidding. So the troll ran and Pippin of course forgets to snare.
Elrond says: Aragorn's a ranger, why didn't he snare?
Gandalf says: He was our main tank and was busy keeping the orcs aggroed on him. Pippin was just sleeping on the job. So the troll ran, and before we finally cut him down, he chain aggroed the Balrog.
Elrond says: Oh, no. Stupid halfling dr00ds.
Gandalf says: Yeah. So naturally, I decided to take it on the chin. I told everyone to run and I tried to hold off the Balrog by rooting him.
Elrond says: And he got you.
Gandalf says: No, actually, I had my shield up, and I just chain-nuked him.
Elrond says: You SOLOED the Balrog? Wow.
Gandalf says: Yeah, one hell of an XP hit too. But then when he fell, I turned and slipped off the ledge. I 10Ked when I hit the bottom of the Balrog pit. Didn't even have chance to loot his corpse. And there went the XP from the orcs, the troll, AND the Balrog. Stupid Verant.
Elrond says: Your corpse is in the bottom of the Balrog pit?
Gandalf says: Yeah. But no worries, I think I know a way to drag it out of there.
Elrond says: That's good.
Saruman tells you: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU SUXOR NOOB!!! =p
You tell Saruman: STFU!
/ignore Saruman
Gandalf says: So, can I bum a SoW off you for a CR? I want to get back there before the Balrog respawns.
Elrond says: This is Rivendell. We're high elves. The wood elves are in Lothlorien.
Gandalf says: Nadgers. Which is where we were headed in the first place. Oh well, I'm a wizard at least, and there's a portal not too far from there.
Elrond says: Good luck on your CR. Why were you hanging out with those noobs anyway?
Gandalf says: I promised Frodo I'd powerlevel him in exchange for him completing the Cracks of Doom quest with me. He has the quest piece - the One Ring.
Elrond says: That's NO DROP, isn't it.
Gandalf says: Yeah.
Elrond says: What do you get for completing that quest?
Gandalf says: Robe of the White and Staff of the White. Those would be serious upgrades to my Grey robe and staff. I've had this gear for way too many levels anyway.
Elrond says: Nice.
Gandalf says: Anyway, I'd better go. Do you think you could get someone to go to the Moria zone to rez me once I get my corpse pulled there?
Elrond says: I'll try to find a guildie.
Gandalf says: Thanks.
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