Raid on Iraq

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Raid on Iraq

Postby arielyn » Fri Jun 03, 2005 6:32 pm

I figure this is probably old judging by the content, but man i laughed my ass off. think this was even funnier than the denny's raid one.

Raiding Iraq LFG!
This was copied and pasted here, from OC boards, who swiped it from the Mortal Omen Guild Page, it was posted by nohky, so I give him all credit for this until I find out who made this, that's if he didn't.


US: Ok, putting together a group for an Iraq raid...
who's in?

UK: Of course I'm in.

Turkey: Only if someone makes me new armor. Last Iraq
raid I lost money on.

US: *sigh* Ok, I can't make your cultural armor, but I'll
help pay for it. How much you need?

Turkey: 100k plat.

US: ***?! Are you smithing the armor out of
platinum, ya tard? No frikking way. 30k plat,
and that's all I'm offering.

Turkey: Sweet. Ok, I'm in.

Spain: I frikking hate Iraq. They were spawn campin
us for frikking EVER, man -- long time ago, but we're
still pissed off about it. Meet you at Turkish zone line.

US: Cool, thx.

Italy: Me 2.

Chile: I'm in.

US: Ok, so far, got US, UK, Turks, Spain, Italy, Chile.

Bulgaria: Umm, got room for some lowbies? Thought
maybe we could leech some raid xp ...

US: Yeah, sure. Why not. Just don't attack anything.
Make sure to set up a /assist US hotkey, ok?

France: Hey all, what's up?

US: Putting together a raid, hitting Iraq.

France: No frikking way, dood. Look, I'm part of
Alliance leadership, and I say no way do we go in
there. I'm using Alliance veto.

US: ***? Alliance Veto?

France: Yeah, it's in the guild charter. Me, UK,
US, Russia, and China can all cancel any guild raid

Bulgaria: Hey, me and the other Eastern Europeans
wanna go ...

France: ****, n00b. Your guild got no say in this.

Bulgaria: ,,!,,

Germany: I don't really want to go either.

US: ...

France: Yeah, we veto. No guildies go to Iraq.

US: What about you, Russia.

Russia: Well, if everyone else goes, it's ok, but if
France and Germany say no, then that's cool.

US: Jeebus. Dood, show some balls. You used to love
going on raids.

Russia: Yeah, but that Afghanistan raid a while back
was a disaster. Total group wipe-out.

US: Yeah, but you were in different alliance, man.
This is different. Besides, we pwn3d last time we
went on Iraq raid.

France: Doesn't matter. I say no.

Spain: .tell US doesn't matter if France doesn't go
anyway, he just feigns death anytime he sees combat.
He's a bu77munch. Lives next door to me.

Spain: Oops. MT.

France: Oh yeah? Well you skipped that WWII raid

Spain: Only cuz I'd just come back from dueling, was
too tired to raid. Besides, you died in first wave,
spent the rest of the raid licking dirt and whining.

France: ..!..

US: Guys, c'mon. I'm trying to put this thing
together, here... look, I don't care what France says.
I'm going, and anyone who wants to come with me can.
China, you in?

China: *shrug* Don't feel like it.

US: Ok...

North Korea has challenged you to a duel! Type /duel
accept to accept or /duel decline to decline the challenge.

US: /duel decline

North Korea tells you: "Dood u r teh suq. I will r0xxorz u"

You tell North Korea: No thanks, guy. Trying to get a raid going.

North Korea tells you: "Ur just scaerd of teh pwnage"

You tell North Korea: Riiiigh. ****, okay? I'm busy.

North Korea taunts you.

/ignore North Korea.

US: How come you're not coming, Germany?

Germany: I'm just not into the violence anymore.

You tell Germany: Bullsh1t, you're just waiting for us
to go into Iraq so you can gank France again.

Germany tells you: Ooops. *blush* busted!!

You tell Germany: Dude, why bother? He's green to you.

Germany tells you: It's just satisfying, I guess. It
shuts him up for a while, anyway.

France: I'm telling you, if anyone goes, then it'll
break the Alliance.

Spain tells you: Whoop-de-sh1t, this Alliance sucks.
Let's go anyways.

US: France, *** is ur problem?

France: I want to send scouts in first. Let them see
if any named are up.

US: Ok, how long it gonna take them?

France: Couple weeks, maybe. Months, possibly.

US: MONTHS? ***???! Dude, I don't want to wait that
long. I'll give your scouts a week, at most. We'll
reschedule then.

France: I may veto anyway.

US: Yeah, whatever.

/tell Spain Yeah, may have to. He's a dipsh1t.

Bulgaria tells you: If you go, let me know. Me and my
lowbie buddies are in.

You tell Bulgaria: Cool, thx. Are you someone's alt?

Bulgaria tells you: Some of us were Russia's buff toons,
but we're soloing now.

US: Ok, meet again next week. We'll take things from

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