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Adult Humor

Postby Goofydoofy » Sat Jan 10, 2009 5:27 pm

Looking for somehting that could cut down a dozen treens in an hour, a West Virginian strolled into a hardware store. "I got just what you need," the propietor told him. He plopped a chain saw on the counter and boasted, "This here puppy is the top of the line and would put a beaver to shame!" Impressed, the rube paid for the chain saw and walked out the door. The next day he returned in a rage and complained, "This piece of shit only cut down one tree, and it took all day!" Embarrassed, the store owner took the chain saw and fired it up. "What's that noise?!" the backwoods boob bellowed.


Q: What's the difference between getting a Valentine's Day blowjob from a 80-year-old biddy and walking a tightrope?

A: I don't know, but in both cases you sure don't wanna look down.


On the first day of kindergarten the teacher insisted that the kids refrain from baby talk and instead use "big people" words. When she asked little Billy what he'd done during the summer, he piped, "I went for a ride on a choo-choo." "No, you didn't!" the teacher shrieked. "You took a ride on a train, Billy. Remember, you're in school now and must use big people words! The next pupil who uses baby talk will get detention. So, Johnny, what was the last book you read?" Johnny thought real hard and then answered, "Winnie the Shit!"

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