Jokes (Explicit Language)

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Jokes (Explicit Language)

Postby Goofydoofy » Wed Apr 16, 2008 9:07 pm

An Amish farmer walking through his cornfield noticed a stranger drinking from a pond with his right hand. Mortified, the farmer shouted, "Trinken Sie das Wasser nicht! Die Kuhen haben darein geschissen!" Or, translated into English: "Don't drink the water! The cow shits in it!" The thirsty fellow shouted back, "I am a Muslim, and I don't understand! Please speak English!' The Amish farmer smiled and roared, "Use both hands! You'll get more!"


A cat walking along the top of a fence fell into a backyard hot tub. Watching the whole time was a rooster, which began to laugh its ass off. Moral of the story: A warm, wet pussy makes a cock feel good.

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