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Undead Banshee illusion This weekend 23may->

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 9:21 pm
by Serano ... c_id=19997

If you guys want this illusion (+ 3 booster packs) buy 10 EPs and join a tourney this Weekend - best results will be early Saturday as those queues fill up quickest.

IF - ANYONE WOULD LIKE - if you paypal me $10 I will get you one of the tourney sets. IF you ONLY want the illusion if you paypaly me $3 I will get you the illusion.

So if you would rather give me money than give it to Sony I can get one of these depending on what you want for you.

Or you can just buy the EPs for $10 at Sony and give them back to Sony for the tourney pack.

OH BTW, this is not the same see thru illusion I use. I do not believe this one gives the same 6 Point DS. IN fact it does not appear it does any boost other than the illusion.