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Lord Nagafen

PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:08 pm
by Jimbop
I actually tried to start playing through the scenarios again, but I hit Forsworn Chapter 2, Scenario 6 against Lord Nagafen and I'm just getting beat on hard. None of my decks so far have been effective with him at all. Anyone got any tips to use on him?

Re: Lord Nagafen

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:23 am
by Serano
Um, IIRC this scenario is the one where you are not allowed to kill Naggy?

Most scenarios are gimped now day with the quest Erud (destroys all units at a quest when complete).

Add in a good rune device as an ability or item, fairly early and run up the quests quick - victory.

Re: Lord Nagafen

PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:08 am
by Jimbop
I still haven't been able to get this scenario with any of my decks I originally played with when LoN first came out, so I guess it is back to the drawing board to make a deck specifically for this scenario. I don't really hardly have many newer cards at all, and the worst thing for me is when Naggy draws the cards to attack my avatar and uses his breath to kill me. I'll get through the scenario eventually, but it is more about having the right draw of cards than anything. There was one time where I had him pinned with a Necromatic Orb, and I kept summoning Venril Sathir each turn to kill his creatures off because most of his creatures were stacked on one side, but I unfortunately ended up killing him off when he had to play a quest when I was 2 turns away from questing him out. The deck has yet to be effective since that one time.

Re: Lord Nagafen

PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:21 am
by Serano
Hmm. put up some RUNE cards, that activate upon getting attacked, couple good ones for Warriors and Priests. Abilities mostly, there is a handy one for 1 Rune for your avatar every time AVA attack comes - but its from ATV, I can give you one if you need, I have about 7 or so of them already.

I will have to play with that scenario a bit been a long time.

But One build that should beat it:
Erud quest avatar, destroy all units upon completion of quest
slayer of Gnolls War quest (lets you pick an item)
Finding Treasure war quest ( lets you take an item out of discard and play for no cost)
And really as your goal is to beat him questing, pick any quest that you like next as you should be dumping the last two quests fairly quickly at this point
2 X Guard of Piety (1 X Rune every time being attacked
Misty Mustang (1 X rune after click
Stone of defiance ( 1 X Rune whenever another avatar begins attack) ATV set but I can give you 1 if you need
Grieves of the Pious (Heals one health per 2 Power used)
Warlord's Breastplate ( 5 cost but can heal 1 point of health every time you are attacked or are attacking (combo with Bloodlust for extra heals on an attack)

a couple weapons of your choice one or two primary and one secondary slot
4 X Decoys
4 X Bloodlusts
3-4 X Forge ahead
1-3 Misleads or Misdirect (same thing as Decoy but costs 1 extra power to play)
2-3 Headlongs If you can score them or if you got them on a free Ethernaut pack delivery,
1 X Crushing fury (Can exert your weapons and destroy one opposing ability per weapon exerted - just in case you want to have an ability to slow down his questing if he is getting ahead of you.
2-3 Recuperation (heals 1 point of damage when applied to quest
2-5 1 cost blockers (dwarven sentry or Elven Paladins) These will be destroyed on any quest that you finish.
If you like, FBSS and/or Jboots if you want / need to quest faster and have a method for getting them out early enough
2-3 Holy Aura (Tactic adds 2 X runes to your avatar
1 X Final Stand (Ability can be exerted for 2 X Rune to avatar) 5 cost so only put one in your deck
1 X Voyage (good match ending ability as it gives you a 4 point ability for 2 cost once done with 3 quests
2-3 X Forced march - if you got them in any of your Ethernaut packs. If you don't you can use poor man's version Flanking Maneuver, not as good, but helps sometimes

Add in whatever other tactics, or Ability cards that you think might work for you/ what you have avail - and that should be a good deck vs that scenario. Well at least with me playing. muhaa haa haa

I would recommend a X'haviz's gown of Glory - but it is a UR card. Good in that for every point of damage you receive you get a rune, so his breath attack only does 1 damage, then you have a rune up which his second point eats, giving you One damage. Note, this card will not work in conjunction with the warlord's breastplate as they are both chest items

On a completely different note, What items do you have and which items do you still need for Harm shield ring?

Re: Lord Nagafen

PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:44 am
by Jimbop
Thanks. I'll try to see what I can put together with the cards I have and the pointers you gave me. Yeah the biggest problem with this scenario is all the attacks I receive from the avatar and the breath attack that gives me a nearly automatic 2 damage. I have been able to take care of the creatures many times, but just that aspect of it has been stopping me dead in my tracks.

As to your last question, I lack only the Blood Sky Amethyst for the harmshield ring.

Re: Lord Nagafen

PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:13 am
by Serano
Are you avail following Tues and Thursday night raids? I imagine unlike Fnord you still have your Sky keyring? If so, lets take a group up to Bzzazt every night and clear it each day after the raid until we get one. Bzzazt is really trivial now days, and even more trivial with a bard or chanter to lock down the 3rd pre-boss wasp until rest of spawns are killeded

Re: Lord Nagafen

PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:00 pm
by Jimbop
Well, i got past that scenario today. I used many of the cards you suggested and modified the deck up a bit according to the cards I have in my collection. The first play with the new deck I got stomped on a bad draw of cards and a good draw of cards for Nagafen. I died in 2 turns. The second round, I lasted for quite a while but didn't draw quests late in the fight and lost. The third time, I dominated the match. and was never once in any sort of trouble. I do have the Gown of Glory card actually, but I found I was better with a chestplate that had defense on it once I got cards out to keep myself healed when i applied ability cards on quests. I used that deck to get through the next scenario and the Bristlebane scenario. I think I'm gonna modify that deck up a bit from what I have it now, and I think I can make that into a pretty good deck overall.

Re: Lord Nagafen

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:36 am
by Serano
yah, when I play other peeps accounts to plow thru scenarios I play a VERY similar set, but modified for each class in order to get multiple copies of the bonus Cards for scenario completion. depending on if the account is activated for trade.

Questing the scenarios with a Avatar that destroys all the units each time he finishes a quest is pretty overpowering vs most AI builds.

Playing the same deck vs real players is a whole different concept. Then again I beat one of the top 3 players in LoN with that deck Just last weekend, altho, he had a TERRIBLE draw. but then again, the tournament deck, is MUCH more specialized than the basic one I dashed in there.

That gown has completely bewildered many a scout/War on what would normally be a killing one shot damage round vs a player that ends up only doing half the damage to my avatar.