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3 PM Eastern / 12 Pac Sunday 30 Dec 07 LoN Holiday Tourney

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 3:47 pm
by Serano
Zyzz, Drig, and Jimbop had to cancel so we did Trak Raid instead - giving this one more shot!

Redoing - hoping to get at least 6 for this - then can take 2 randoms - 7 would be great

YES -- a TF LoN Tourney. This is specifically to get a group of 8 TFers in a Holiday 8 man tourney - information posted here:

If I understand correctly - player made tourneys are 8 people. I "think" this tourney will cost 3-5 Event passes to join. I am not sure on their pricing as I have only done one for pay tourney but it was a special event.

Event passes cost $1 each.

This Tourney will participate in the Holiday bonus tourney series.

The winner will win a foil version of one of the following cards




My intent is to gather the TFers to play in the tourney room and when one opens up all immediatly join the same tourney and get a TF pure tourney. This will gurantee at least ONE TFer will win the foil promo card.

EVERY player will win at least one of the following and based on the wording - possibly more than just one:
- Santug Suit Promotional Card
- Santug's List Promotional Card
- Lump of Coal Promotional Card
- Forsworn Booster Pack
- Oathbound Booster Pack
- 1 Event Pass
- 3 Event Passes
- Oathbound Loot Card
- Forsworn Loot Card
- Loot Card of your Choice
- A random Legends of Norrath Physical Poster Art
- One of five framed and signed sets of the Jim Lee Oathbound cards, Firiona Vie, Guardian of Growth; Lucan D'lere, Ruthless Tactician; Mayong Mistmoore, Evasive Foe

I think the winner receives something else like 1 or 2 packs or something just like a regular player made tourney.

Q: is this just some plot of Serano's to rip me off?
A: Yes - as anyone that has delt with Serano will tell you - watch out

Q: Is Serano as bad as they say?
A: Ask anyone that has met Serano in RL and woke up the next morning with an empty bank account, a hangover, tatoo and missing a kidney.

There isn't any way we can 100% gurantee a non TF will not slip in. but we can try by having us hang out in chat / ventrillo and on a GO signal start a tourney together thus making sure that the winner will be TF and not some other bastard.

Q: This costs REAL money?
A Yes - in order to do this tourney we have to pay the man (Sony_) money

Q: what if I don't play LoN?
A: then this prolly ins't for you. HOWEVER - if you are interested I can build you a deck and loan you the cards for the tourney - however in order for that to work you will have needed to buy at least one booster pack I think to activate your account for playing. I can also loan someone Taniquels account which has a couple viable decks on it for the tourney.

Q: is this a scam?
A: Yes, this is a scam so that Zyzzerzazz, Ranjaling, Isenhart or I can win prizes.

Re: 3 PM Eastern / 12 Pac Sunday 30 Dec 07 LoN Holiday Tourney

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 3:54 pm
by Serano
Well no one but Offem and Drig showed up. We played Vs Arkard and 4 other tourney players. Every game that we didn't play against each other all 3 of us got smoked.