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Update 21 SEP

PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 2:47 pm
by Serano ... ic_id=4505

Update Notes: September 21st 2007
- Changed the name of the first lobby to "Training Grounds".
- Changed the color of emotes.
- Warning confirmation when you are about to post a trade in which you are giving away cards for nothing in return.
- In Trades you now see information about your cards when viewing their collection.
- Fixed crash in posted trades when a player examines a posted trade that is cancelled or accepted at the same time.
- Symbol of Cazic Thule will no longer get stuck if you have no cards in your discard pile.
- Fix for a crash in the Deck Builder Wizard.
- Deck Builder Wizard will not allow you to create an avatar without a valid archetype.
- Deck validator will not allow an invalid archetype avatar.
- When trading, only the cards that players own (not the full set) display in their collections.
- Quick Join now correctly creates timed games.
- Changed the text of the "You are not allowed to trade" error to be more informative.
- Removed preference option for tooltips on large cards since this in obsolete.
- Posted trades progress bar now closes when the Posted Trade window is closed.
- Fix for border around zoomed card images.
- Fix for being able to observe a password protected match with an invalid password.
- Resurrection will now punish you for resurrecting units of the other alignment.
- Gnome "clever" special power will now prevent combat after completing Retrieve the Stolen Coinpurse.
- You can no longer play Pummel on Truth Captain and then discard the same Pummel.

Change to resurection will now affect decks that use dark/light resurected cards to get high point cost cards into play.