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Thanks DK - & Making Custom Avatars

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 12:12 pm
by Serano
DK hooked me up with 4 Quest cards for Priest that let me make my priest deck - Woot! Also squared me away with a couple Priest cards from his deck that were over 4 and also gave me an excess Barb Butcher I needed! thanks Again. So now - with only $6 invested - I have a playable Deck for each archtype! I played my preist deck the other day - hah hah it is weak. But could win vs the first Droon.

1) Custom Avatars are Tradable.
2) be Careful in all Trade windows that the Incredible Card you see is NOT a Custom Avatar. If you see a Card with 7+ Health - it is prolly an avatar and not a play card.
3) If you have not made your Custom Avatars for Scout, Priest, Mage and Fighter yet - If you want a special name - you better make it now. I was not aware but Avatar cards have one time naming convention. So Accross ALL the Servers - Everyone playing LoN - Accross EQ and EQ2 - you are only allowed to make one name per card. So unless you want to be SSSEEERRRAAANNNOOO to get your name on your card better do it before every last good name is taken. Cool names like Domino, Loki, Serano, PrezBush - are all already taken.
4) Anyone know a limit to custom Avatar Creation? Either way you should make a couple for diff Archetypes if you havn't already so that you have names more to your liking when you figure out later that you would prefer a 2 attack 2 Def 9 Health Priest instead of a 1 attack 2 def 11 Health priest a few weeks from now and even more names are gone and you don't want to name your Priest TTTAAANNNIIIEQUELLL.
5) look at the custom Avatar creation races - apparently you can get diff unique traits.