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Shadow Unit Review

Postby Redeemed » Sun Sep 09, 2007 11:12 pm

Dark Vampire

I started using this card in my deck and the results are beautiful. Basically you can destroy any of one of your units at any quest and add a token on the card. For each token the Dark Vampire recieves +1 dmg bonus.

This card works $$ for a fighter. A good tactic would be to play this when all your defense armor cards are on the table and you are capable of defending quest side by exerting your armor.

When you feel you are ready to defend play this card and trash all the units on the other side for that crazy dmg bonus.

I don't know what the cap on dmg bonus is but I've easily gotten this guy to x9 dmg bonus.

Fallen Chieftans

Each one adds 1 attack and 1 dmg bonus to all undead units while in shadow. If you have 4 at one quest that gives the previous card I just stated an extra +4 dmg bonus.


So say if you already sacraficed 5 units for 5 tokens have 4 cheiftans out you're looking at +11 dmg bonus card.

I forsee some wicked combos in the future (maybe even a nerf)

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