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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 2:35 pm
by Goofydoofy
I have sex with monkeys. What of it?

Sea monkeys to be exact.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 3:14 pm
by Horcrux
Bilnick wrote:Isn't the actor who plays Harry Potter 18-20?

He's 17. But European countries have a lot different laws involving minors, or the age, etc. I'm sure someone over there would know more exact, so I won't start guessing.

And don't worry, the post is long because I'm passionate about the Harry Potter series, not that I'm arguing anything :). Unless it's I'm arguing that Harry Potter is awesome.

And Serano, they are awesome. I didn't much pay attention to them when they were first coming out. I was in High School (maybe late Junior High? not sure), and so I was prime age to read them, but I guess I didn't. I picked them up now that I'm in college. I'll admit, the first 2 or 3 are a little hard to stick with. They are more geared towards children. But, as the books progress, the characters age, and the conflicts become more mature.

I can definately see why they wen't mainstream. The first books being geared towards children, they take the underdog (kid with glasses, horrible family life, beat up by bullies) and turn him into something extroardinary. Throw a little magic, dragons, and true fantasy into the mix and you get kids hooked. Especially kids who can relate to how Harry Potter started out as the underdog. Add to that the fact that the characters in the book mature and grow up, and the conflicts become much more adult and the storyline gets very deep and mysterious, it hooks adults as well. Plus, often times parents want to read what their kids are reading to make sure the books would be good for them.

I think J.K Rowling (the author) is either a genius, or extremely lucky, in the fact that she managed to captivate the majority of every age group from children to adult. The "underdogs" of this world will always outnumber the "favored".

I would definately recommend the books to just about every age group of people. Hell, I'd probably loan mine out if people wanted to read them that bad. They are worth it, and definately shouldn't be skipped over for the reason of being "kids books". (trust me, I felt weird buying so many books from the kid's section in Barns n Noble). And as far as the movies go, I think the directors do the best with what they can. First three movies were great. The first 3 books were also short, in comparison with the last 3 (that have been written). The 4th movie jumps around so much that it is hard to follow, but thats only because the first 3 books are around 300-350 pages on average, while the 4th makes a jump to about 700 pages. They can't put every scene into the movie so there ends up being a lot of plot holes. The movies are great for having a visual representation for some of the more dramatic scenes, but the books are what you need to read to actually figure out the story. And for anyone who has read the 5th book, I'm sure we all are hoping the director does the fight scenes in the end well :). Though I won't spoil it for anyone who doesn't know what happens.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 8:00 pm
by Goofydoofy
Books and movies were both good, I thought.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 8:52 pm
by Irish
Horcrux wrote:
Irish wrote:so was B spears and a few others I could name it is called Growing up... deal with it lol

Forgive me if I choose to go against the flow. Personally, I think Britney Spears turned into a slut, and Peewee Herman might as well have been a child molester. Instead of growing up and dealing with it, i'd rather grow up and and go against it. Just because it is the way things are, or maybe the way things were, doesn't mean it is the best way for things to be.

if you are goingto quote me buddy you damn well better know what the hell I am talking about before you jump down my throat I said it is CALLED GROWING UP

I never said for you all to grow upa nd deal with it. like I said you quote me know what the hell you are quoting.

yes she is a fricken crazy slut she GREW UP she is not cute any more. sex sells she realzed it and uses it

I dont like it more then you do but I can't spank her and make her behave she was a role model for young girls just like daniel is there is nothing we can do about what they do with their life they grew up. ( shrug )

you don't like what I say PM do not try to flame me on this board I bite back normally ther is a missunderstnading somewhere because people like wording my post to their ideas... next time ask first before assuming something I did not say or mean
deal with it is something I normally say not meaning anything bad but you seem to have taken it that way with myour mis understanding of what I said. so hope that cleared it up for you

enough said...

hun I am REALLY not trying to be mean or anything.. but you did up set me I respect your veiws on this though... you jsut took what I said wrong and I am sorry you did...I really did not mean I agree with it or what ever.. I seen the picture... but I thought he was in jeans hell I didn't look to hard so...... lol he is after all 17 I am not into young it is jsut a picture after all...... but if he wants to go and do a porno after hARRY pORTER... THAT IS HIS LIFE HE HAS GROWN INTO A HANDSOME YOUNG MAN.. ( OPPS sorry for all caps damn lap top keys are to close......) there really is nothing we can do about it... as for my deal with it.. read some of my post love... I use that alot hell it is in my sig!!! it is jsut me being silly...

sorry if I sounded mean inthe beginning hun.. I do not mean too this is a edit after all I can not delete.. you are a good perso and you hate to see out youth going to hell in a hand basket like I do..I am terrified of the world my boys are growig up in.. I was going to take them to a fair thingy at the mall this week end.. it iis the first weekend in four week no one is sick... so 15 year old boy was stabbed to death Saturdeay night .. we were going to go saturday night.. my boys might have seen it!! I mean really the fair thing was like ten or so rows of parking spaces ( yeah Jacksonville fairs SUCK ASS) so I mean this world is so..... but sadly I have to realise one day I will not b e abole to protect my babies...... it drives me fucking crazy and gives me night mares but I knwo one day I can not control their fate... I only hope I teach them like my mom taught me . I mean for god sakes my good friend was expecting her FIrst BABY AT 12... YES 12!! and that is not the nasty part.. on no it was the fact she slept with 6 men not boy MEN most over 20 that one week... it upsets me in a way I am thankful I dont' have a girl but at teh same tie I wish I had one.. but I would be so scared.... but bad things can happen to boys too...

so feel you hunI really do and if I hurt ya or made ya mad that was not my intentions whenI first posted but hell whats done is done. can't fix it........... hugs hun

I am done with this thread lol

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 8:57 pm
by Irish
Bilnick wrote:I don't recall Paul Reubens being a child molester. I thought he was caught with his pants down in a porno theater.

not that I know of bill he got caught doing what every man does jacking off. but........ he was in a public theater when he was and peoploe got up set.. if he has been caught with other things. I stopped paying attentiont o anything he has done for many years now lol

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:11 pm
by Goofydoofy
I jack off in Applebees. People seem to find it entertaining.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2007 2:18 am
by Lyannah
I read one book, prisoner of azz-something, i forget. Unoriginal concepts, poor writing style, just really not that good. She writes for children and it shows in her storytelling technique. Why anyone older finds them interesting is absolutely beyond me.