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Postby Stonecrush » Wed Jan 24, 2007 8:11 am

I can't say it's 100% accurate, but the guy has some interesting points

This guy basicly insults conspircay theorists on 911, and does it reasonably well. I goto this site for a few laughs about anything.

http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net ... 911_morons

My personal view is it's a sore topic, that if it had been an earlier generation there wouldn't be much left of the middle east as a whole, due to an act like this. Despite the fact we trained the dog.. if a dog goes rogue you put it the hell down and any other rogue dogs that need the same, you send them where they belong. We may have trained them for their independence, but just because we support a nation (Israel) that already has gone through hell in most of their historical life span, It does not support an attack on us (IE if you keep messing with them and looseing don't blame us you suck at fighting battles/wars!). Now, Iran gets away with murder, they only get away with it because we let them, and forgien policy with olive branches of peace aren't going to work.

Here's a question for you, What would happen if Pakastan's even tempered President was to be assassinated and replaced with a Radical American hating dictator? The worlds politics is beginning to show huge signs of a boiling point. I really don't want to goto war so I hope that they go away, and we go back to living our little conspiricay theorist day by day lives and be glad we are still alloud to do such things.

/politics from me off.

PS. I support our troops. Come home in one piece there's lots of beer to drink and good times to have. [/code]
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Postby Naiin » Wed Jan 24, 2007 4:45 pm

Stonecrush wrote:

Here's a question for you, What would happen if Pakastan's even tempered President was to be assassinated and replaced with a Radical American hating dictator?

Then that country would prolly make the decission to to support the US in a war on terror.... the same way the Pakistani Govt did presently (BTW their president doesnt LIKE the US... he just understood that we would crush him under the treads of A-1 Abrams tanks.... like we did the Tailiban.) Make no mistakes, there are only 3 maybe 5 nations in this WORLD that could fend-off a full push of the American military. Which the world has NOT seen since WWII. We have done NOTHING militarily but "pussy-foot" around since WWII. Let generals try to settle political problems militarily... and you get the mess we have in IRAQ. SInce the current administration didnt have the political BALLS (thats right.. I mean cahonnes.. dangles... guts... intestinal fortitude.. etc) to institute a DRAFT (thats right.. you think we can support a war on 2 fronts w/o a draft?), follow our OWN military doctrine of "Overwhelming numbers, concentrated firepower, in a confined area" and defeat the enemy and NOT release the territory until WE are ready to LEAVE.

The general that WROTE THE DAMN BOOK on Counterinsurgency claims in that manual, "No democracy can effectively function with out a secure Capital." also "It will take 125k soldiers to secure a city like Bagdahd" ironically enough... we are only providing him with 85k....... wtf

Well attacking soveriegn nations that havent already attacked you make us look like exactly what we are.. a bully... and garner ZERO sympathy from the rest of our neighbors... kinda like letting your dog poop in your neighbors yard... you step in it... and now want your neighbor to let you use his facilities to clean it up.....

Bottom line.. War is serious shit.... either jump in w/ both feet and kick everyones ass who opposes you... or stay the fuck out...
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Postby Goofydoofy » Wed Jan 24, 2007 7:46 pm

You can't win every war you think you can.

Every war you think is a war isn't.

Shit is shit.

Philosophy to live by.
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