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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 2:38 am
by Brikksx
I just wanted to give "Props" to a few people who deserve some thanks.

Firsrt off Zyzzerzazz and Phishn!

You guys have done so much to help progress this guild that it is mind blowing. Your time invested to lead raid is truely worth a HUGE thank you!

Second is Bilnick and Ranjaling!

You guys have to be two of the hardest working TF members in the history of the guild. You guys handle all the DKP and loot and never once complain. For all of you people out there this job is a bitch to do night in and night out and these two handle it so we can get all those sweet upgrades.

Third is Worff and Serano!

Everything you see on these boards and the front page, these two guys make it all happen. Serano also helps with DKP and loots and unselfishly boxes his cleric plus a number of you guys when you cannot make the raids! Serano is also a Huge part of our Ventrilo crowd and i know we should thank him for letting us be apart of that.

All these raids we have been doing lately, oh and did i mention we were 2 for 2 on Quarm!!! We could not have done it without the help and support of all the Tribal Fury Members!

I wanted to name some people who are always there and thank them.

Deglaiel, Shobie, Eubedyen, Jumjam, Drigarx, Irishhealer, Horgboth, Yoshikawa, Aboobaka, Drannor, Teennin, Deenmore, Least"and company", Listen"and company", Saiari, Ajaman, Culhain, Getaphix, Mavmorda, Vendaru, Fnord, Shadowboxer, Emenite, Raechills, Bluesflameangel, Rhamel, Remmirt, Seraphian, Nadiah, Brotta, Rule, Forsaker, Tailover, Adlewiese, Quaanx, Tearrin, Forco, Uilea, Jahras and Kaylar!!!

I know i probably missed a few people but you get the picture.

So thank you all for not only making my time in TF a truely great time but thank you for being there for Tribal Fury!!!

P.S. For Zyzzerzazz


PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 10:07 am
by Ranjaling
<3 Brikksx, do I finally get to have your Bud Light? :guitar


It takes so many people to keep the machine running and the TF machine has never been running smoother (at least in my TF lifetime).

So many people in this guild are the bomb. The most kickass group of people I've ever had the priviledge to game with. :thumbup

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 10:40 am
by Zyzzerzazz
So TYVM - TF for letting PHISHN and I drive the car you all are pushing so hard on.

Drannor / Waystin also deserve a thanks for holding the Baton of Endless Drama and Leadership. He wracks his brain endlessly with creative, logical, and sensative ideas to help member/guild issues and policys to make the guild better for you and me.

He keeps all us in place, both officers and members alike.

IMO - the guild is just amazing and has no where to go but up. Som may see this as a dramatic time of change. But I see it as just a change of scenery. TF will always be the close grp it always has been. We will just have more fun and tackle more challengeing targets i search for the loot!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 10:46 am
by Drigarx
to much fun involved here.... poof it goes


PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:24 am
by bill
Of all the ppl who do DKP, I can tell you one that never does it.

I'm looking at you Brikksx =)

Re: haha

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:37 am
by Ranjaling
bill wrote:Of all the ppl who do DKP, I can tell you one that never does it.

I'm looking at you Brikksx =)

He will get his chance when Bilnick and I are both working in some desolate shithole city and can't play :guitar

Teennin and Aboobaka are alergic to DKP I think also. :razz

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:44 am
by Brikksx
As far as officership goes, I am just in the way half the time..

Kinda like a flabby hunk of whale shit.

But i do what i can to help..

Ok enough of the nice Brikksx back to being a prikksx!!

You all suck, tuck in that gut, wait for assist, well shit you get the point!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:52 am
by Ranjaling
Brikksx wrote:Kinda like a flabby hunk of whale shit.


PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 12:07 pm
by Brikksx
I think i know her Ranjaling!!!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 1:12 pm
by Baromen
Yeah, Brik... WTF? If you're not being condescending I don't believe it's really you.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 12:12 am
by Jahras
we can't have a thread named "honor!" without mentioning shadowpaa!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 12:26 am
by Worff
ROFLMAO fuggin brikksx and ling !!! That whale shit cracked me up!!!

That's part of what these movies have been all about from myself and Teennin and Vend also made on recently. Honoring the whole crew, and making fun of us too /snicker.

Helluva history here and I'm proud to be a part of it and honored to help out. I slack on DKP too tho hehe.

Hey, maybe one of ya whale shits want to take care of the Roster :P Something to do anyway that has been difficult for me to keep up with lately.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 12:31 am
by Serano
Wuupas wrote:we can't have a thread named "honor!" without mentioning shadowpaa!


Jahras for the blast from the past award. Damn. funny thing is - we all pretty much liked Shadowpaa and he just well - didn't really get us. I can tell you this much I think it all started when he got pissed back in Kael Drakel when we said - If youare not the MT you won't get heals - back when we were learning how to raid. damn those were some good times.


PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 2:05 am
by bill
/flicks an ice cube, take that Akethadar!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 4:02 am
by Serano
Yah he really went crazy off the end and dragged down what was left of RDOF with that whole BL epic in Stonebrunt thing and that icechip stuff.... that was serious bizaare and even had half the VCC bastards scratching their heads.