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My Thanks

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2005 1:52 pm
by Adlewiese
Although I haven't had much play time lately, many thanks for my epic 1.5 to:

Aboobaka, Ajaman, Brikksx, Caelaiel, Caniza, Ceruis, Chaosregen,
Dajhla, Deglaiel, Drannor, Dynamouse, Ellusive, Gruub,
Hermeus, Hiffenx, Horgboth, Krysstian, Lemme,
Mandiilzx, Mechell, Miark, Morbi, Moreonethan, Nefra,
Oerin, Olliander, Rule, Ruuvdar, Saiari, Sinadar,
Tearrin, Teennin, Uilea & Xerzzel

Also, to my EotD buds:
Barrow, Breaknek & Faeallron

Right on

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2005 2:26 pm
by bill
Glad to see you Epic'd!

Wish I was on the Megalodon hit tho!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2005 2:38 pm
by Angyish
lol it was me and meggy at the end. wru thanks for that?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2005 11:53 am
by Yoshikawa
lol i remember that hit, was my first raid as a TF app, mean bastard landwalking fish. sushi anyone :)