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Postby Angyish » Thu Aug 18, 2005 11:57 pm

adle doesn't lead raids at leaste that i remeber. he doesn't say alot. that i hear.
but he does a shit ton. i mean he's got wunshi viction and xloc. <3 this guy.

and he busts his ass for TF when he raids. i mean
Zyzzerzazz tells your raid. "okay adle go malo sol ro and die"
Adlewiese tells your raid "thank you sir may i have another"
*adle dies gets rezzed and does it again*

basically this is my thank you adle. you kick ass you get me wunshi and viction when i need it. and you just do a great job.

oh god i just had to suppress and irish. i almost typed huggies.....AHHH i typed it.

anyways great job adle i know your afk atm. but when you get back we'll be waiting.
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