Thanks for being there TF

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Thanks for being there TF

Postby Meso » Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:22 am

I did something last night that I thought I would never do.
I zoned into the Plane of Air.

It used to be that a few elite hard core guilds jealously kept the elementals to themselves. The average player had absolutely no chance of ever getting there.

Between work schedules and dancing around wife faction ( she really really hates this game ) I knew that I would NEVER see the elementals. Vex Thal was also a land of legend out of my reach.

Although I worked casually on the shards and emperor access, reading about VT and it's 6 hour raids convinced me that even if I ever got the key I'd never want to go there. I could not imagine being able to raid for that long.

Caelum's leader was determined to get into VT and took it as a guild focus. Being a team player and an officer I supported the push even though It seemed so unreachable.

That was about the time I had first contact with TF as we were both spending a bunch of time in SSRA.

Later during the declining time of Caelum I met a goofy bard chick in Stillmoon Temple that almost got us killed. She asked me what was up with Caelum since TF was getting so many apps from us. I told her that our raid leader had moved on to AD and many members were looking for better raiding opportunities.
She told me then that I and any other members of Caelum would be welcome on any TF raid and that if I were ever looking for a new home TF would have a place for me.

I had no idea at the time that this bard was the leader of TF (or that she was a he). It was just some friendly groupage and conversation. But it set the stage for my future.

At that point I still had hope that Caelum would turn around. I was a co-founder and had been the one to name the guild, so I was reluctant to leave it behind.

For two months I began to raid with TF and flags started to collect. A time eventually came when for about a week I was the only one logged on in Caelum. It was time to move on.

The TF raid atmosphere is so very different to anything I had been used to. The biggest raid I had ever been part of before was 36 - 40 and usually far fewer. I saw the unatainable go down with ease.

The TF raid leaders do one helluva job!

One by one the godz have dropped. Even though work travel gets me absent sometimes the backflagging goes on. I gotta also give credit to Pickup for a few flags, and CN for letting me in a Carprin hit.

But many thanks especially to TF members, officers, raid leaders for the chance to group, quest, and raid in a way that fits my irregular play schedule.

The VT raids although long are a lotta fun.

I am now 4 mobs away from being fully elemental flagged. Never had I imagined that this was possible.

You guys Rock ! :thumbup Thanks !
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Postby Goofydoofy » Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:33 am

The elemental planes are still that way. I am bound in one. Secondary bound in another. And have exploits where I can port directly into the other two. I check the status every 30 minutes of each zone. If I see a raid in any of the four EP zones, I use another exploit which turns my name into Arielyn and I train the raid over and over until they give up and leave.

So you see, nobody will ever get in the EPs again! At least until I move into Time...
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