Bearmerfudd, Okachimenko and others

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Bearmerfudd, Okachimenko and others

Postby saeinya » Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:08 am

Bearmerfudd - he who gives meh chanty boofs.. has let meh raid his bank ... and being the sweetest person in eq i know of
Okachimenko- played with meh even when i couldnt get it outta my head she was a sk O.o.. has helped with questions i have had and is a sweety pie..
Zamok- has never complained about how many times i killed his war, necro, clr, shammy!! he is meh zammy pooky!!
Solarkat, Robag and Magimay, Lanernee - kept me busy when i was thinking about quiting eq!! /hugs
ailen- is this same as solarkat and company!! /hugs
finally... Aithzarx - has given me some good advice on which aa's i should go for.. the first in a long time. i really appreciate that aith /hugs

i really appreciate all your help guys /hugs !!!
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